Fall and Winter Makeup Bag Essentials


Fall and winter is a fantastic time of year for beauty and fashion lovers. Dark, vampy colors come back into fashion, and you can experiment with a whole host of looks that you just can’t get away with in the spring and summer months. Red lipstick in the daytime? Oh yes! Here are a few of the items that you need in your makeup bag over the colder months.


Neutral eyeshadow is useful for any time of year. Great for a ‘barely there’ yet still put together look, or you can smoke it out and go a little deeper. On the other end of the spectrum, some richer and more colorful shades are perfect for the fall and winter. You could go with a deep copper or burgundy, blended out with dark brown or black. You could run a jewel purple or blue under the lower lash line. It’s the perfect time of year to experiment and try out darker eye looks.

Liner, Mascara and Brows

A kohl liner for the waterline, a liquid liner, and a good mascara are all essential for finishing off your eyeshadow look. Switch out your white and nude liners, these are gorgeous for a fresh-faced summer look but now is the time of year to go more dramatic. Smokey gray, black, navy or again jewel toned shades like blue, green and purple all work well on the waterline. Finish with a simple black cat flick liner and lots of mascara for a sultry eye look. If you’ve gone a shade or two darker with your hair over the colder months, be sure to update your brow product too.


Fall and winter is the perfect time of year to bring out all of your deep and dark lipstick shades. In the warmer months, dark lips are much more of just an evening look. But at this time of year, anything goes. Deep reds, burgundy, dark pinks, browns, and purples are all fantastic choices. If you’re going with a statement lip, be sure to balance it with a more neutral eyeshadow look to avoid looking clownish. Alternatively, if you’ve gone with statement eyes, balance the look with more neutral or natural looking lips. Decide on one area to make stand out and go all out with that. The rest of the look should be more subdued, This allows you to have fun and experiment with your look while still keeping it classy and not looking OTT. A beauty site like thankyourbeauty can provide you with more information.


Light bases like mineral powders and BB creams are perfect for spring and summer, especially when you have a bit of a tan and want to keep your makeup more minimal. But in winter, you can go with something a little heavier. A full coverage foundation will make pale winter skin look flawless, and also cover up any redness caused by bad weather. Go with a  cooler colored bronzer which will look more natural than a very warm summery bronzer. A touch of blush to bring back some color will finish off the look. If you’re a highlight fanatic, a little highlight can give the appearance of a healthy glow.

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