Budget vs High End: Pay Top Dollar or Shop Around?

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“You get what you pay for” is one of the great truisms of our time. People say it and nod confidently as if it were a commandment that was irrefutably true. As anyone who has read about the $2,000 pizza (https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20161228/financial-district/2000-pizza-gold-flakes-truffles) will know, it’s not.

Sometimes, you plan a purchase. You see that the real gold standard product you want is going to set you back a few dollars. You could pick up a cheaper option and have money left over but, hey, you get what you pay for.

So you buy the most expensive item and… it’s good. Not great. It does the job, but you held on and paid more because you were promised a “Wow.” This is not a “Wow” – it’s more of a “Hmmm.” So is it ever worth paying the premium for the best item out there? When it comes to beauty, are you just paying more for the label?

Budget Vs High End: Makeup

There is big money in makeup. Several celebrities who have made a name from their looks cash in by releasing a line that lets you “get their look.” And then there are budget options. You may or may not recognize the name on the bottle or the compact. One costs $50, the other $5. Which do you plump for?

There is nothing inherently wrong with picking a budget option, so long as it is researched well. If you can’t find a trace of the name online, walk away. If it is highly recommended, give it a go. Only pay the extra for the bigger ticket item if it does something that the cheaper ones don’t. And as a rule, stay away from the celeb-branded ones. You will inevitably be paying extra for the name.

Budget Vs High End: Hair Appliances

To get the red carpet look in your own bedroom is next to impossible. But it doesn’t stop us trying, and it shouldn’t stop us wanting to look our best. Getting your hair looking right can mean using two or three different appliances in one sitting.

What does a hairdryer do, really? It blows air over your head until your hair isn’t wet anymore. It’s generally not a good idea to pay over the odds, unless you are looking for one with specific attachments. http://www.oomphed.com/ and similar places are good sources of advice here.

For straighteners and curling wands, it may be worth paying a little extra. They have more complex applications, and lower budget options may not get you the results you’re hoping for. In a pinch, you could always request the more expensive items as a gift.

Budget Vs High End: Hair Dye

This is one case in which it is worth pushing the bar a little higher. You’re buying something which, however temporarily, will change the chemical composition of your hair. If it’s cheaply sold, it’s cheaply made. And if it was so cheap to make, the chances are that quality of ingredients was not at the forefront of the manufacturers’ minds.

Walk right past the cheapest brands. They are not your friend here. Go to the mid-range options and check online reviews. If something is generally viewed positively, then it’s worth trying out. If it has a tendency to turn people’s hair green (and it’s not supposed to do that), go to your next option.


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