Recent Workout Roundup #3 – Instagramers

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Holy man! It’s been awhile. Scrolling through my past posts I now see that it’s been 8 months since I last shared my workout journey with you guys. Man how it’s changed.

I started personal training with my good friend Cynthia from Cynergy Fitness in Richmond Hill about 6 months ago. She certainly kicked my butt into gear and has really changed my entire mindset when it comes to working out and eating healthy (although I still struggle with that eating part, but that’s my own fault). Cynthia helped me understand how to optimize my time in the gym and make the most of the equipment that I have access to. She’s also helped me reach many goals such as finishing a 5km run, which I completed this past November, as well as repeatedly reaching personal bests when it comes to strength training and weight lifting! Guess who can squat 115lbs?!

Yet with my sessions of personal training coming to an end and with moving away from Richmond Hill, I’ve had to find other ways to keep my workouts varied and interesting. I love everything that Cynthia sent me off with, but sometimes I find myself in a workout rut; constantly doing the same things over and over and working the same muscles every day. That’s not going to work now is it? So I’ve turned to Instagram; my main entertainment source has become my main learning tool! (Stay tuned for more posts about all I’m learning from Instagramers).

So who do I turn to for workout tips and new ideas on Instagram?

  1. Zanna Van Dijk (@zannavandijk) – author of recently released “STRONG”
  2. Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark) – online programs
  3. Kayla Itsines (kayla_itsines) – creator of BBG
  4. Zuzka Light (@zuzkalight) – creator of ZGYM
  5. Brittany Dawn (@brittany_dawn_fitness) – YouTube programs

and of course, check out Cynthia from Cynergy Fitness @cynthia_sager1969

Check them out! I’m constantly saving and sending myself several of their workouts weekly and each and every time I’m at the gym I try something new! The awesome thing is that they also often post videos for workouts at home or without any equipment at all! No more excuses! Instagram has become my number one learning and education tool for hobbies and skills – there are so many amazingly skilled people out there! Happy searching fitness friends!


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