Wedding Planning 101 – Become a Planning Pro

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Planning your wedding should be a fun, exciting, and enjoyable time. It’s the chance to set things in place for your dream day and, of course, marry the love of your life. However, even with the best intentions, it can turn to a stressful hinderance. Even though I am still in the early stages of planning a wedding, I have a few ideas on what makes a wedding more stressful than others. So here are a few ways to make sure that you can plan your wedding like a pro and take the stress out of it all.

Hire Experienced Professionals

If you have the brother of a friend that has a decent camera, do you really want him to be the one responsible for taking the pictures at your wedding? Though he might have volunteered his services or be giving you a good rate, if he hasn’t done a wedding before, they are pictures that are hard to do again. This is the part that lasts forever! So instead of worrying and stressing about it all right up until the day, choose a professional with plenty of experience. The same goes for florists, videographers, and caterers, for example.

Choose An All Inclusive Venue
If you choose a venue that is simply a room, like a barn or in a garden, then it makes other parts of the wedding busier and more stressful. Though those locations might be really stunning, you will have to think about hiring everything out. Right from the chairs and tables to the knives and forks. So if you want to reduce how stressful organizing and planning a wedding can be, then choose the more simple option of a venue where it is all included. Many manor houses and hotels will offer this kind of thing. Then the price that you pay includes everything, and you won’t have to arrange delivery or hire of any other things.

Try Your Caterer’s Food

Many caterers and hospitality services, like Riverhouse Hospitality, will offer you the chance to sample their food. Don’t turn the chance to try this down. If you are feeding a large room of family and friends, you want to make sure that you are feeding them something good, right? So take up any chances to sample their menu and what they could offer. Then you can have peace of mind that the food will taste simply amazing on your wedding day. You don’t want to be ‘that wedding with the bad food’ do you?

Have a Contingency Plan

There may be one or two things that don’t go according to plan on the actual wedding day. So make sure that you have a contingency plan in place. It might simply be that you want to have alternative transport arrangements just in case the wedding car doesn’t turn up, or it runs late in traffic. It doesn’t have to be anything too set in stone. But having an idea of what you might do in an emergency will help you plan and keep your cool.


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