Putting Your Guests At Ease On Your Big Day


We’ve all been to a wedding where we’ve felt a little uncomfortable and out of place. And when it comes to planning our own wedding we want our guests to feel at ease and have a great time. Check out these simple ways to break the ice and spoil your wedding guests.

  1. Scrap The Receiving Line

Receiving lines are uncomfortable at the best of times. They’re uncomfortable for the bride and groom’s parents who may not know everyone, and they’re uncomfortable for the guests. There’s always that tricky moment as you approach the line and you wrack your brain for something funny or meaningful to say.

When working through your wedding plan, instead of the formal line consider some of the following modern approaches:

  • Create a line with the bride and groom only; this is more comfortable as between them, they will know all of the guests
  • Congregate at the entrance of the venue with cocktails or champagne and the bride and groom can mingle
  • Informally greet guests as they arrive at the reception
  • Have the bride and groom walk around each table and chat with their guests
  • Set up a booth during the evening where the couple can have an informal chat with their friends and family
  1. Set Up A Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great way to break the ice at weddings. They’re informal, funny, and silly. Guests are encouraged to use the props and create their own scenes. Look for a professional company like Booth Boy and provide your guests with hours of fun. The resulting photos make a great memento of the day.

  1. Provide Entertainment

Often the awkward moments occur as guests are waiting. They may be waiting to enter the venue or waiting to be seated for the wedding breakfast. Lighten these moments by providing some entertainment. Magicians will work the crowd and wow people with their tricks. Singers and musicians also make welcome distractions.  

  1. Be Inclusive

Make sure you consider everyone in your celebrations. Your young friends and coworkers may love to dance all night to your fave rock tunes. However, it might be a little much for some of your older guests. So provide a range of activities and set up some quieter areas for those who may just like to chat or sit quietly and enjoy the evening.

  1. Provide A Hashtag

Provide guests with a hashtag so that when they take photos and share them on social media, everything can be collated and accessed easily. This also allows guests to become familiar with some of the other people who are at the event.

  1. Photo Boards

Photo boards are a great way for people to get to know the bride and groom and their romance. Expand this a little and include photos of the couple with family and friends. Captions will identify everyone involved.

Everyone wants a beautiful wedding that they can look back on in years to come. They want to do something a little bit different to everyone else and add their own personal flair. Make sure you include your guests in this. It’s not just a day for the happy couple. It’s a day for family and friends to gather together and celebrate this happy union.



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