Le Vie En Rose


Did you know that in the Victorian times little boys used to wear pink, as this was considered a pale version of red. It was a masculine color in those days! Now, pink has changed meaning, and it is often described as a girlie color, while there are still some courageous and trendy men who love to wear pink too! Pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. In the psychology of colors, it relates deeply to unconditional love and understanding, the passion of red being softened with the purity and completeness of white. While being feminine and romantic, pink is also a trend to follow and embrace for the next few months. Not only does it emphasize your femininity but it also has a touch of intuitive tenderness that you should add to your everyday style. There’s nothing wrong with embracing the little girl in you and making pink your new strong woman’s outfit. Here are a few tips to do it!

The Clever Use Of Pink Accents

Pink is a naturally cute color that can takes years off you in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, it can work a little too much if your entire outfit consists of pink, as this might make you look childish and innocent. While there is nothing wrong with looking innocent, looking childish could be a problem in your professional career or your social life. Is there a woman who doesn’t want to be taken seriously? The way around this issue is to use pink to bring colorful accents to your wardrobe. If you are not feeling adventurous, a pale pink handbag, a shirt or a scarf should do the trick. If you are up for a bright style, investing in a pink coat or a pair of pink shoes can definitely score you some points on the fashion scale.

My Precious Pink

If you have all the clothes you need, you could have a look for pink jewelry as this is also a trendy way of adding colorful accents to your everyday style. If you have short hair, consider a pair of pink pearl earrings, for example, or brightly pink stud earrings, as these will add a subtle touch of color without overpowering your outfit. Not an earring girl? You can look for delicate necklaces or bracelets that will add a girlie shine to your workwear. If you want a custom-made option, you could ask a jeweler to place loose argyle pink diamonds on your grandmother’s vintage ring, for example.


Pink Cheeks And Lips

You can highlight the colorful accents in your outfit with a tone-to-tone makeup that emphasizes the effect. It doesn’t have to be much, as elements such as pink eyeshadow while being a top trend, is reserved for night out parties. But you can pack some pink essentials in your makeup bag from a rosé shade of lipstick to some powder for your cheeks. Remember that with makeup accents, less is more, so keeping things subtle is key for a tantalizing effect!


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