Celebrating Your Heritage On The Big Day


It’s completely normal to want to create a wedding day which closely reflects you, your future spouse, and both of your families. Your heritage helps to define you, and many people feel that it’s an intrinsic part of who they are. Trying to incorporate elements of your heritage into your special day allows you to express your history and insert a bit of individuality and personality into the day. Ideas can range from romantic and intimate, to cute and funny, but there is a whole world of possibilities.

Say it with the dress

More and more women are choosing to stray from the traditional white wedding in favor of something more personal these days. The dress itself can be a beautiful way to reflect on the traditions of your heritage, rather than traditional wedding ideas. In Ireland, pale blue is associated with purity, so brides of Irish heritage choose to go with this color, rather than white or ivory for their dresses. People of Indian descent might choose a more sari styled dress or colors. And it can be far more subtle, with headdresses and accessories reflecting traditions more than the dress itself. This could take the form of a coronet of the national flower or in a traditional style – the possibilities are endless.

Flower power

Every wedding has to have flowers, and many brides will choose their flowers based on their favorite color or type. The bouquet also gives the opportunity to reflect the heritage of the bride or groom. For example, brides with a Hawaiian heritage could choose beautiful, traditional flower leis such as those from With Our Aloha to hark back to their heritage. Brides of Scottish descent could incorporate stunning thistles into their bouquet, or Welsh ladies could carry a posy of daffodils.

Arrive in style

Every culture has a traditional means of transportation for the bride. For example, Chinese brides arrive at the wedding in an elaborately carved sedan, while in North Indian weddings, the groom arrives on the back of a white mare – any of these could be adapted for a wedding anywhere in the world and would add a traditional point of intrigue for the guests. If you want to get a bit silly, people of Dutch heritage could arrive by bicycle, or Italians by gondola – just get creative.

Hark back to your mother tongue

The readings during the ceremony are a great time to express your heritage and your love for one another. A traditional love poem from your home country, or your vows in your mother tongue, can be a really romantic way to bring your heritage into your wedding.

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