The Ultimate February Proposals!


There’s an old folk tale that says women are able to propose on leap day. But with the next official leap year not occurring until 2020, why should you have to wait? With society moving on from a lot of outdated traditions, maybe it’s time to give your loved one a friendly nudge by popping the question yourself.  What better month to do this than the month of Valentine’s feast?

Whilst February the 14th might be the ultimate romantic day for getting down on one knee, there is something romantic about the whole month.  We are approaching Spring, new bright flowers are gently opening up and it is the official start of the new season.  A completely fresh one for 2017.

So? How do you go about it?  Firstly think about your partner.  Perhaps they are an old romantic or maybe not? Find the right way to tap into their heart.  It could be romantic to consider nipping off to Paris or Rome, two cities renowned for love.  The beauty of proposing in a romantic city is that you can think about planning your wedding to be in the same place.  It doesn’t have to be hard and you can enlist the help of some luxury wedding planners.  If you contact them and let them know you are looking to propose, they can help you make this day even more special too!

Of course you don’t have to venture far away, sometimes the most beautiful proposals are done at home, when it’s just the two of you.  They can often be more of a surprise and, come without so much pressure.

Consider taking a day out to do something you two really enjoy, even if that means suffering a day at the football or an afternoon paintballing.  Set the mood by having some real fun and reminding them that together you are brilliant.  Then head off home or out to dinner, again keep everything with them in mind.  Whilst you may dream of a 12 course tasting menu, their idea of the best meal ever could be a quick bite in Nando’s! Or vice versa of course.  Spend the day thinking of their ultimate pleasures and deliver it all.
Be brave, switch the traditions and go for it! Then plan the day together and spend the rest of your lives remembering how much you are in love!

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