The Key to Glorious Hair on A Dime

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Whether it’s for your wedding day, a big night out, or all day, every day, we all want the glorious hair we see on the Grammy awards night. The sort of hair that bounces and swishes and screams “look how healthy I am!” For many of us, hair like that is a pipedream, but it’s not completely out of reach. Yes, all those celebs have stylists paid thousands of dollars to achieve that look, and all we have is a shower head and Target’s haircare aisle, but great hair is achievable, and here’s how.

Use the right haircare products

Firstly, you need to manage your expectations. If you’ve got fine, flyaway hair, you might struggle to achieve the thick mane that you so desire without the use of expensive extensions. But that’s totally fine; there are plenty of styles which better suit fine hair. When you’re purchasing hair care products, buy for the hair you have, not the hair you want. If you’ve got thick, frizzy hair, buy products with moisturizing qualities. Whatever you do, don’t purchase those products if you have thin hair – aim for more volumizing products instead. Be realistic about what your hair needs, and you’ll find it a whole lot easier to tame.

Protect it from heat

How many of us use a hair dryer, straighteners, or a curling wand on almost a daily basis? Imagine what that does to your hair! Remember to always use a heat protectant spray, such as this one from Bumble and Bumble, to stop your styling from doing untold damage to your hair. This is extra important if your hair is dyed or bleached, as it is already weaker.

Treat is as an individual

Not only should you buy the right products for your hair, but you should use the right appliances, cut it, and style it right too. Using straighteners or a curling iron specifically for your hair type can stop unnecessary breakage and keep your hair in much better condition. For example, using a curling iron for thick hair specifically allows the hair to look amazing, but it will also prevent hair from snagging during the styling process. As a general rule for straightening irons, short and thin hair should use a thinner iron, whereas thick hair should use a wider iron for better results.

Don’t go to bed with wet hair

When hair is wet, it becomes far more elastic and prone to breakage. This is why you should only ever comb hair with a wide-tooth comb when you’re straight out of the shower, and now use your usual brush. When you go to bed with wet hair, you cause it to tousle, which can snap the hairs leading to fly-aways and damaged hair, so it’s best avoided.

Visit your stylist regularly

A regular trim is the best way to keep your style fresh and on point, but also to keep these pesky split ends at bay, making hair appear healthier and bouncier. A trim every six to eight weeks should suffice – your hair will thank you for it.

The perfect ‘do is at your fingertips, just make sure you take good care of it.

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