Picking the Ultimate Wedding Rings


By the time we hit our adult lives, most of us will have some kind of idea of what we want our engagement ring to look like.  But how much thought do we put into the wedding band?

If you chose your engagement ring then you may have done so with a wedding ring in mind but if your partner chose it and surprised you, finding a complimentary band could be tough. There are loads of things to consider as this is a ring you are planning on wearing for the rest of your life so, before you say ‘I do’ check out our guide to making the perfect choice.

A wedding band doesn’t have to be plain however narrowing down your choices is going to really help.  Do you want a diamond? Emerald or Sapphire?  Are you going for a traditional gold band or maybe platinum or silver?  Do you want a patterned design?  Clear out all the things you know you don’t want then write the choices you are sure down.  It is also important to consider your partner’s band.  Would you like the two to match identically or be a different twist on the same design?

Get your budget sorted out early and stick to it.  It is assumed a couple will spend around 3% of their wedding budget on the ring but you may spend a little more or less.  Decide between you what you can afford and then don’t allow yourself to go over that.  Whilst an engagement ring can end up costing you a small fortune, wedding bands come with a far more affordable price tag, depending on the metal you choose.  

It may help to buy the engagement ring and wedding band together as there are quite a few designs which are made to be worn as a set.  A single diamond ring with a contoured white gold wedding band may also have the option of a delicately encrusted diamond band to go with it as a future eternity ring.  Diamonds for less has a huge range to give you a head start when working out your ideas.  

If you can’t agree on a metal then you could consider mixing it up a little.  Either he could have yellow gold and you could have rose gold in the same design or, you could mix golds together.  The russian wedding ring is three interlocking coloured bands which slide over your finger and give a really interesting twist on a plain band.

Now all that’s left is to make sure you get the right size.  It sounds silly but because you won’t want to take this ring off, you need to bear in mind what is going to happen in your future.  Your finger may change size over the seasons and, of course, you might be getting pregnant.  A good fit should have a little space around your finger but should need gentle encouragement to make it over your knuckle.

Have fun and remember you are buying for life.  



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