The Art of a Themed Wedding

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Themed weddings are becoming a trend in the wedding industry, and it’s not difficult to understand why: More and more couples want to have fun for their big day, and forget the stress of the official ceremony to focus on the fun side of the party. Organizing a themed wedding is not as easy as it sounds. There’s more to it than picking a costume: A themed wedding is not a farce or a carnival day. A themed wedding is a declaration of love with a stylish twist. And it’s important to get the balance right. Otherwise, you may just end up looking like you are ready for the next Halloween party.

Plan The Part

Needless to say that planning a themed wedding begins very much like any wedding plan: You will need to make sure that the venue has everything it needs to welcome your guests and guarantees a memorable ceremony. So, before you even set your mind on a theme, you need to get the administrative side of the wedding started, preferably with a professional organizer as you will need an experienced pro to get things sorted in the most effective and stress-free manner. Choosing a theme will be deeply connected to the invitations you sent, the decoration in the venue, the catering options sometimes, and naturally, the outfits that you will be wearing. While there are many themes, you should stick with something meaningful to your couple. In short, there’s no reason for picking a 50s revival if you have little understanding or interest of the 1950s lifestyle and culture.

Dress For The Part

Once, you’ve picked a theme; you should be looking at possible outfit inspirations. It’s important to remember that to keep things harmonious, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will also need to be part of the theme. While certain themes are favorable to colorful dresses, such as the ones you can find at Alana Vivi, others will only need specific vintage or pattern styles. Playful themes, such as a superhero wedding, only need a few accessories on top of a traditional style, just as a wide superhero belt and an eyemask, which you can easily declinate for your entire party, from the groomsmen to the bridesmaids while letting them the choice of the outfit.

Speak The Part

There is more than getting the décor and the dress right. If you want to make your theme come to life, you should also plan a speech that will remind it to your guests. Wedding speeches are notoriously stressful to hold, so they will require a lot of rehearsals for you to get used to it and be able to speak in front of an audience on your big day. But don’t worry about it: The more your practise, the better your speech will be. Additionally, this gives you also the occasion to test your speech on trusted family members or friends, to make sure that everything is as perfect as it should be. Make sure as well that your speech explains the choice of the theme to your guests. Don’t leave them wondering about it!



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