Every Wedding Needs Something a Little Unique


We all want our big days to be as memorable as they can possibly be. But when you’re sticking too hard to the tried and true traditions, then it might just turn into, shock and horror, just another wedding. If you want a day that will stay forever fresh in your mind, as well as the minds of your guests, then think about making it just a little bit more you. Here, we’ll look at how to introduce a little more originality into your wedding.

Exploring your memories

If you want to stick a little closer to traditional, then you might still want the church wedding with the wedding dress and all. So, the way you can really make it unique is by making it further incorporate the memories you and your partner have shared together. You could ask your bridesmaids to put together an album of photos to play as a slideshow during the speeches, for instance. Or you can put together the list of songs that have special meaning to the both of your and get a wedding band that can help you accommodate a playlist for your past. The day itself is a big event, but it’s also the celebration of the entire relationship leading up to that moment.

Something new

If you want something truly unique, then feel free to add something brand new to the wedding. For instance, instead of the standard wedding bands, you could end up wearing custom wedding rings with an entirely new design or engraving that has special significance to the two of you. You can get creative with other favourite staples of the wedding as well. For one, instead of having a regular old guestbook, why not consider having a guest photo booth? If you’re going with a theme, you can add plenty of props for them to get creative with. That way, your guestbook will be something you’ll enjoy looking at time and time again, instead of something you soon forget about.

Think theme

If the two of you have a love that you share, for music, for culture, for a mix of heritage, then why not make it a theme? Choose a location that fits the theme, make changes to the dress and the groom’s suit. Have themed music and themed foods. You can go vintage, you can go into your fandoms, you can go in any direction you like. Yes, it’s true that some people just might not ‘get’ your wedding. But you can safely assume that they’ll never get it. So long as you and your partner enjoy it, that is all that matters. Don’t be afraid to let a little personality fly free on your big day.

A wedding is something that’s supposed to stand out. It’s supposed to have people fondly remembering it and entertained by those memories. Play it too safe on your wedding day and you might regret that you never really got to show the world what you and your partner have to offer.



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