The 70’s Look

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Have you been trawling through all the fashions sites, and lurking on the message boards at places like Then you will know that the 70’s look is set to be super huge this season. Now it’s kind of funny as a 70’s influence tend to come around every now and then, but folks are really going all out this time. But how can you achieve this look I hear you cry? Read on to find out.

Denim Is Your Friend

If you are doing the 70’s look right, then denim is going to be your friend. In that particular shade that is stonewashed but not bleached. So it’s a true blue color.

Wear it in the style of jeans, shirts, shorts skirts and dresses. Of course, if you are going to be rocking the jeans then flares are the only way to go. The bigger, the better!

If you’re not a fan of the jeans, go for a chunky smock style dress or a pussy bow shirt, all of which will work well too.

Shine With Glitter

But the 70’s want all about the boho look. In fact, there was a lot of glamour to be had at this time too, and we are definitely seeing this coming to the fore this season. In particular, glitter is a great way of getting that 70’s party edge.

Chose to wear it in the form of makeup as a glitter lip or nail polish and team with rich velour fabrics and brown boots. Or embrace it totally and go for a glittered material. Jumpers and cardigans can work well. Or even some hot pants if you are feeling brave! Then you’ll be perfectly dressed to dance the night away at the Carwash! Work!


Rise To The Top With Platforms

Now a major element of getting this 70’s trend right is making sure you have the correct shoes. For this look, it’s all about the platforms, whether sandals or boots.


If you’re not much of a high shoe wearer, don’t be put off by the platform. This is because they tend to be pretty stable. Especially if they have an ankle strap, and they are so worth it to give you outfit that hint of authenticity. Just make sure you break them in properly first.

Accessory Perfection

70’s girls were not shy when it came to accessories, so make sure you dress your outfit up with the right style bags, necklaces, and hats.

Regarding bags, you can go for a crossbody number in fabric for the day. Or how about something like the wooden clutch pod made by Olga Berg for a more style conscious look?

Hats tend to be the Fedora type, so think super floppy. Luckily many high street stores stock these at the moment in various colors and designs.  So you will have a range to choose from.


Lastly, ensure that you have oodles and oodles of wooden beads in tans and browns to set of any 70’s outfit. The chunkier, the better. This will ensure that even a subtle 70’s themed outfit will be style in the most effective way.


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