Underrated Cities That Are Perfect for Honeymooners

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Your honeymoon might be the most important holiday you ever take in your life. But what location should you choose for this? Well, there are all the old favorites like Mauritius. But often by choosing a city that isn’t necessarily seen as a honeymoon destination per sae, you can have a fantastic time for a lot less money. Read on to find out more


Now Las Vegas is often thought of as a wedding or stag do location, but not as a honeymoon destination. But if you go off peak, you can have an exciting time, and it will cost you a fraction of the price!
It’s so good for honeymoons as there is a lot to do there. You really will be spoilt for choice. You can spend some time relaxing a carabiner by the pool or getting couples spa treatments in your hotel. Which can help you relax after your big day.  Or if you are more of a party couple you can experience the nightlife, casinos, and cocktails that there are plenty of.

Most places in Vegas are accessible by the clean and safe public transport that runs there. Although if you want to add in a trip to Disney in Anaheim, or the Grand Canyon, you should consider renting an air conditioned car for the journey.


A lot of people think of Sydney as the best Aussie city for honeymooners but that a shame because Perth is somewhere that has a lot to offer.


In particular is great for newlyweds because it’s such a beautiful place. White sandy beaches and azure seas make it just the ticket for a little swimming and sunbathing to relax into married life. Also if you want to get away from it all and just spend some time alone together, you can visit somewhere like the Injidup Spa Retreat for a little romantic seclusion.

The only thing to bear in mind is that like most Australian cities Perth is fairly spread out so you may want to hire a car. You can choose to ride in style in an SUV rental which will be air conditioned and comfortable, and you will maintain that air of honeymoon luxury.


So when you think of Berlin, you might not get images of sandy beaches and romantic locations, but of a modern and vibrant city. But think about it, for a lot of couples that is exactly the right place for them to go on their honeymoon.

Some folks just aren’t into snoozing on the beach all day. Instead they want to explore the culture and vibe of somewhere that is a bit more hip and happening, and happily, Berlin is definitely that.

It has a thriving club and techno scene so you and you new spouse can choose to dance the night away. Or if you are feeling super romantic why not get a padlock engraved and fit it to the Weidendammer Bridge as a lasting symbol of your love?

Just remember Berlin is pretty spread out, and while walking in the center is fine the trains can be tough to navigate, so taxis can be a better choice.

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