Laneige Balancing Emulsion


There comes a time of year where no amount of moisturizer seems to be enough. If I could swim in a pool of it I would, no lie. That time of year is now sadly. The constant tight skin feeling, the itchiness, and the scaly knees and elbows. I’ve been searching high and low to at least be able to smile without the fear of cracking my face in half. I needed to find something to accompany my daily moisturizer to help provide a long-lasting and soft face. I decided to give the brand Laneige a try.

Laneige is a Korean skin care line that is blowing up the Sephora shelves at the moment. Their idea is to harness the moisturizing power of water without the drying aspects. The Balancing Emulsion can be used on it’s own or in addition to your daily moisturizer. It’s meant to balance the natural oils in your skin while helping to remove impurities, leaving your face moisturized for a longer period of time. Even once the product wears off, it’s done it’s job to invigorate your natural moisturizer to balance a healthy glow in your face.

I use the Emulsion before my moisturizer so that it can really sink into my skin. On it’s own I find that my face still feels quite dry but together my face feels amazing. I find that colours have balanced themselves, and my dry cheeks but oily nose have evened themselves out a bit. I’ve also tried a night mask from Laneige that left me feeling ahhhh-mazing. So I’m really excited to try some more. I now know my the Korean Skincare lines are getting so much attention and praise.

Have you tried any amazing Korean skin-care products?


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  1. Innisfree is a brand my friends swear by. I’ve only tried their sun cream for oily skin, and it does a great job for me. They do have different lines for different concerns though. One of those might help!


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