Does the UK Have a Perfect Honeymoon Spot?

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To some, the honeymoon is the most important part of the wedding. No, not because of all the stereotypical newlywed fun. When the plans are complete, the vows are said, the bride and groom partied out, it’s your first real shared experience as a married couple. It’s why we spend so long and travel so far to find the perfect honeymoon spot. But there are some closer to home (for those in the UK) that many people choose to outright ignore. We’re not looking at London or any of the other particularly obvious ones. Here are a few gems of the UK where you can have a world-class honeymoon.



Okay, so it’s not exactly an obscure location on the list. Yet, you don’t often hear of many people heading North for the honeymoon. Maybe because they don’t often think of moving to colder climates for a vacation. But for some people, Edinburgh is more than just a city in the UK. It’s the city of the UK, more than London. It has all the comforts and culture of a city, but without quite as much of the hassle and crowding. Plus, there are few sights more awe-inspiring than Edinburgh Castle looming over the city centre.


If you do want to go somewhere a bit hotter but you don’t want to spend a bomb to go somewhere you can’t relax with a familiar culture, then have you considered the Channel Islands? Jersey is amongst one of the most beautiful locations in the country and often sees the kind of weather that many people fly to Spain and beyond to experience. You can’t ignore those miles and miles of unspoilt and extremely well-cared for coastline, either.


We’re not actually talking about the city itself, but looking at the broader Swansea area. If you prefer a honeymoon with a bit more adventure, then mountainous, gorgeous Wales is one of the places you absolutely must consider. But the Gower peninsula in particular is special amongst the rest of the countries destinations. There’s a lot of things to do in Gower, for one, from enjoying some excellent spa treatments to taking a horse ride through some truly picturesque country. But if you’re heading in that direction then the beaches are a must-stop destination. Beyond catching some of the best weather in the summer, they are also a surfer’s paradise, with easier waves for newly visiting newlyweds to enjoy a spin on.


Some people like a place that’s more inspiring in terms of the kind of history and unique mood you can feel in a location, however. One of the other cities that absolutely deserves a mention is picturesque Bath. It looks like the kind of the town that is fast becoming forgotten in England, with a heritage to its architecture that is hard to find elsewhere and impossible to replace. The baths of Bath themselves are an architectural marvel worth visiting that harken all the way back to the Roman age of Britain. Since then, the town has picked up bits and bobs from other periods, including a massive Georgian influence, but has thankfully resisted the turn to the modern.

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