Prettiest Peepers in Town

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With over 72% of people saying the first thing they notice about a person is their eyes, it’s really no wonder that more and more products are coming onto the market to help us accentuate this feature. You’d have to have been living on a desert island not to have noticed all the new eyelash treatments that have been cropping up over the last couple of years.

There are so many, in fact, that it’s becoming more and more confusing to know which products and treatments to try. So we are here today to show you the difference between the infamous eyelash extension and the much revered eyelash serum, so you can choose which ones will best suit you. You and your pretty peepers can thank us later!

First Up- The Lash Extension

There is no ignoring this new trend that’s taken the beauty world by storm. For this procedure you have to go to a qualified technician who will apply individual lashes, one by one, to your existing lashes. The result are impressively long, curled eyelashes which many are choosing to wear for events such as weddings or even holidays where you don’t need to faff around with mascara every day.

But which ones to choose? Well there are three main types of eyelash extension; mink, silk and synthetic so it’s worth knowing the difference so that you can decide which ones will best suit you.

  • Mink. (These are of course faux-mink, so there are no animals harmed in the making of these lashes.) These are the lightest and finest of all the three lashes so have the most natural overall effect. They are shiny so have a glossy appearance and are argued to be the most long lasting of all the three types.



  • Synthetic. These are the sturdiest and thickest of all the lashes and have a more dramatic look. These lashes are the best at holding their curl due to their stronger, thicker structure.

Last But by No Means Least- Lash Serums

Now we come to the lash serums. These are becoming increasingly popular due to their claims that they strengthen and grow eyelashes. So serums are being used as an alternative to eyelash extensions as a way to grow thicker and longer eyelashes naturally. There are many fantastic products out there but it’s crucial to do your homework, to make sure you’re choosing a product that’s safe for your eyes.

There are many companies now offering reviews on their products in an attempt to be completely transparent with customers. Idol lash, for example, published an article on the side effects of using idol lash in an attempt to be transparent and put consumers mind at rest. So it’s important to find companies that are doing something similar before purchasing.

With the eyelash beauty booming, the World of eyelashes is one that is super playful and interesting to experiment with. Many like to experiment with both extensions and serums to see which one works best for them. Some die-hard eyelash devotees even use both. See what works best for you and proudly show off those pretty peepers.


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