Learning Calligraphy

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I’ve always been a crafty, DIY kind of person. You know I love my knitting and all them good ol’ colouring books. But I’ve never actually been very good at any of it. I try my best to pass the time with these hobbies, but have never excelled. Until I recently found a hobby that I quite like. So I decided it was time to get serious and take some lessons to truly excel.

I bought tickets for lessons with The Calligraphy Workshop from Eventbrite, held at the Artscape Youngplace in Toronto. It was an amazing three hour class where we diligently and carefully learned and went through the entire alphabet in modern calligraphy, both lower case and upper case. It sounds tedious, but it was awesome!! I’ve been trying on my own for a few months and was so incredibly pleased to really get a hang of it.  Calligraphy is a skill that can be self-taught, but there are certain flourishes that I could never seem to get on my own. Nadeena at the Calligraphy Workshop truly helped with that and I’m so happy to finally see some progress in my daily practicing!

I wanted to learn to address the envelopes for my upcoming wedding invitations (#corleen2018 on instagram), but hopefully with more practice I can also turn it into a skill that I can do for others too! I’d love to be able to bring beautiful lettering to other peoples lives as well!

Practice, practice, practice!! What do you think?


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