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If you’re willing, taking a cruise along the Miami waters is quite an experience. Yet, organizing a holiday in the one of the vacationing capitals of the world can seem a little stressful. After all, there was a record 15.7 million visitors to the beaches during January of last year; that’s a lot to cater for! However, it’s a good all year round option, and surfing along those waves isn’t a bad idea for those of us looking to relax.

I want to highlight the logistical side of planning either a family holiday or personal trip in Miami. There’s plenty to look out for and experience whilst you’re there, but let’s look at the practical moves you can make to keep your vacation as good as you want it.

Booking a Hotel

It’s always a case when it comes to finding a holiday. Thousands of rooms to choose from and no advice on which one to pick. This alongside mixed and biased reviews can make booking a hotel, which should be fairly simple, a tricky find. Of course comparison sites will be your best friend, just be sure to shop around on a few different ones just to find similar deals and see if the ones you have hold up elsewhere. Sites such as Booking is a good place to start for cheap Miami hotels, but it’s not your only option. You can check out another of my travel links about honeymoons for more knowhow tips.

Renting a Boat

Just imagine how you’ll feel on beautiful blue water underneath clear and sunny skies. If this little daydream sounds like it’s for you, it’s a good idea to try boating. Rent a boat in Miami to make the most of your vacation; check out these kind of sites to find a good price range and the best deals when it comes to ordering a mini cruise. There’s plenty of different options including small, private boats and large, family sized party vehicles. An experience of a lifetime could be found on a good, secure boat ride, and you’ll probably want to come back again and again, so finding what works for you is incredibly important. Look around before you go, and stick to your instincts, and certain familial requirements, when it comes to renting a perfect mini dream.

Give yourself a little challenge and try something new; even without any boating experience you’ll have plenty of instructions if you’re worried about the practical side of floating on the waters.

Keeping to a Budget

The best move to keep spending for the important things before you go on holiday is to make sure you have all the absolute essentials. Make a list and keep checking it, get others to check out, and keep the little stress attack moment when you realise you have no shampoo in your suitcase after the first night unpack for somebody else. A holiday budget planner template can be found here, but your own lists will always be personalised towards you.

Set yourself boundaries before you go and try to keep to these when it comes to souvenirs and gifts. Setting a little money aside for these exact reasons is a godsend when visiting destinations, meaning you won’t have to part ways with that magnet you’ve set your heart on. It’s also an idea to take food with you when you go out. Lunch may be wonderful to think about when scouting the little cafes and fine-dining restaurants, but it can work out expensive and a massive drain on resources after two or three trips. One of the bonuses about a packed lunch is that you know you’ll eat everything in it, and you won’t want to cry about wasting money.

Bringing the Kids

Its great to include your little ones in the holiday plans, with scientific research even finding it makes them happier and smarter! Being together in a different, relaxed area away from the daily grind fosters better communication between you and your child, which does wonders for their health and your sanity. Help keep the youngins’ occupied just by heading down to the beach and sending them off for a shell hunt; it’ll help those curiosities receptors that always get in the way at home!

Talk to your children before you go and see what they expect from their holiday; it’ll also give you a sense of what you need to set aside when it comes novelty toys they refuse to part with.

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