Dealing With Unwanted Bodily Marks and Regretful Tattoos

File:Surface piercing before and after.jpg

Your body is the most precious thing you have. There no other like it, and in among the now 7.5 billion strong human population, you should be thankful for its uniqueness. However, life is full of bumps, scrapes, and mishaps that are sometimes done by our own hand. Our skin is an image of our being that everyone can see. Having scars visible and regretful actions that you may have taken a while ago, can make your feel incredibly self-conscious. Depending on the depth of damage, your skin may have time to adequately heal, and go back to the way it was. The trouble most people find is, not knowing where to start, and beginning to heal your skin, is sometimes a giant leap. But, it shouldn’t be harder than it sounds, because there are a few things you can do to be happy in your skin again and to a smooth and healthy status again.

Closing up a piercing

You might have got too many, or you got the piercing in the wrong place; you may just regret getting the piercing in the first place. Regardless, there are ways to close the self-made hole in your skin. The more abnormal the piercing though, the more complicated it will be. Nose piercings are complex to shut, as the cartilage is not subject to normal methods. Ears, eyebrows, hands, and lips are quite easy to get stitched up. You can go to a private clinic to get this done, or you may find success at a licensed body art specialist business which can sew up your punctures.

Regretful tattoos

You may have gotten a tattoo during a relationship which has since moved on, or found out after years and years, that a word in your body art is spelled incorrectly. It can be so embarrassing to walk around with a tattoo that doesn’t look right or bear no significant meaning anymore. You’ll start to become reclusive and covering up the area, and wearing layers when you really don’t want to. Many people get great tattoo removal cream results which are cheaper than lasering the ink off your skin. Creams are less likely to leave scarring behind, while laser treatments will. It will take longer, but it’s a less painful method than the alternative.

Scrapes and scars

Sometimes it’s no fault of your own, and just the rough and tumble of life affecting your skin. If you have a scar from a childhood injury and you want to get rid of it, Vitamin E is a great treatment option. It will tighten the skin, restore the balance of color in the skin because scars are usually darker than your normal skin. It combats the dead skin cells that have piled up around the area and slowly removes these layers. Vitamin E also replenishes the skin with natural oils, which most scars lack because the damaged skin no longer functions to the best ability. This treatment is something you should do daily because vitamin E can be bought in cream form.

The quicker you take action when your skin gets damaged, the better chance you have of restoring it back to normal. It will take patience and persistence for some irregularities on your skin to heal, but there are methods out there that can really make a difference.


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