Tips and Tricks to Happy and Healthy Feet


It’s something we’re all conscious about, especially during the summer months but everybody would like to have beautiful looking feet, especially when flip flops or sandals are the required items of footwear! And as our feet support our weight and get us from A to B, we know we should take proper care of our feet! If you are looking for ways to make your feet look and feel great, here are a few tips.

Wear Shoes That Actually Fit!

Depending on how much you are on your feet, for example, if you work in a shop or serve food to customers, you will spend the vast majority of the day on your feet. So you should wear shoes that are comfortable that fit properly when it’s possible. The wrong pair of shoes will wear your feet quickly. If you have shoes that are too small, they will rub your feet and give you uncomfortable blisters. So it’s best to buy some shoes that fit, but beware that it always takes some time for the right pair of shoes to break in, so wear them in gradually.

Soak And Scrub

Everybody’s feet will have dry skin at some point but to make sure that they keep soft you need to soak them regularly and while you can get plenty of fancy foot baths, all you need really is some warm water with a few drops of essential oils to soften up the skin. Oils like tea tree are great for repairing skin damage especially if you have problems like verrucas. As soon as your feet have been soaked, now is the perfect time to use a pumice stone to get rid of the rough areas. A pumice stone is better on your feet when they are wet.

Take Your Shoes Off

It’s important to let your feet breathe when you can because these sweat and dirt that will build-up on your feet after walking in socks and shoes all day will still remain on your feet long afterward which can contribute to fungal diseases like athlete’s foot. It’s always important to get into the habit of taking your shoes and socks off, but if you’d like to wear something on your feet, it’s definitely worth getting into the habit of wearing flip flops or Hawaiian sandals around the house. Or pick shoes that have a comfortable base which is good for keeping your freshly pumiced feet nice and soft. It’s always worth getting into the habit, especially during winter when we are all tempted to put on thick socks and slippers.


The final piece of the puzzle of making your feet feel as soft as a baby’s, you need to get a good foot cream or use products with natural oils in it. Try a cream with coconut oil or vitamin E to keep your feet feeling smooth, especially if you have dry skin as these can help lock in moisture. And yes even the old wives tale of putting Vaseline on your feet and then putting on socks before going to bed will result in softer feet the next day!


So there you have it. Get those feet out and flaunt them for all their worth!


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