10 Things That Ensure You Look Gorgeous On Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding day will be the most important and most memorable day of your life. Who wouldn’t want to look absolutely stunning? As the bride, you want to be able to look at all of your wedding photos and know you were the most beautiful woman in the room. Here are just a few of the ways you can make sure you’re turning heads:

That Dress

This is your big day, and you should definitely be dressed in the gown that you love the most. However, it should be the gown that loves your body shape the most. There are many incredibly elegant dresses out there. Just make sure you’re picking a fit that’s right for you. Just because a dress will be adjusted for that made-to-measure look, it doesn’t mean it suits your frame. Always ask the boutique owner for advice, and wear it before you order it.

That Smile

Whether you mean to or not, you will be smiling a LOT on your wedding day. There are a few things that might go wrong here. Poor quality or poorly applied cosmetics might crack and cause lines. And a bright white dress will show up any tooth that isn’t just as brilliant. Ivory dresses are a safer bet if you’re not sure about tooth whitening. As for the cosmetics? Have your bridal makeup professionally applied in the salon.

Salon Skin

Skincare for your big day should start months in advance. This gives you plenty of time to fully detox the skin, avoid sun damage, and bring the skin up to good condition. It’s also a good idea to enjoy a spa day in the week before your wedding, just to make sure everything is in tip top shape. Don’t forget, your diet will also play a big part in how gorgeous your skin is looking for your big day.

Relaxed And Pampered

If you’re having a spa day, then don’t forget to book in for some serious pampering. All over body massages are amazing when you’re starting to feel the nerves of your big event. Try a scalp massage to rub away that headache. Hand massages help you to unwind too. Take the time to be spoilt rotten! Hair treatments, feet treatments, and nail treatments should all be on the menu too.

Great Posture

If you’ve got a great dress, then you need great posture to carry it well. You can practice perfecting your posture by straightening up in front of the mirror for thirty seconds every morning. Exercises common to Yoga and Tai Chi are wonderful for strengthening those important posture-improving muscles too. Don’t forget you’ll be wearing heels, so get some walking practice in before the big day too.

Practice, Not Nerves

Practice really does help to overcome nerves. Practice every part of your big day, especially if you’re doing your own hair, dressing, and makeup. Practice your vows, and practice breathing! For some reason, it seems to be quite easy to forget to breathe when you’re stood up in front of two hundred people trying to remember your vows. Last, but not least, practice your first dance together, so you know where your feet are supposed to be going.

Are you having a rehearsal dinner? These can push the wedding budget up, but you’ll be glad for it on the big day!

Amazing Photography

The best way to remember how beautiful you looked on your wedding day in the years to come is to look at your photographs. This means you should find the best photographer you can to capture you and your incredible day. Have a look at examples from places like the Vittore Buzzi photographer website to see what style of photography you’re looking for. You might choose all color or a mix with black and white shots. Do you want them all staged, or do you prefer those natural ‘real’ moments?

Beautiful Surroundings

No beautiful bride should be anywhere that isn’t just as beautiful as she is. Picking a venue and gorgeous backdrops for your photos is essential. Choose estate houses with acres of eye-popping garden views. Or maybe choose an architecturally stunning building with plenty of interest as your stage? Wherever you go, make sure the flowers and decorations are full of color and beauty too.

Your photographer should know the venue and the area well enough to suggest a few places for your couple shots. Don’t forget your props, like your bouquet. If you’ve spent time at this venue already, perhaps you’ve noted down some of the areas that you think will work well in your pictures?

Happy Guests

Happy guests fill you with confidence that your wedding event is going well. Seeing all those smiling faces looking back at you can also assure you that you got that dress right! Remind yourself that you’ve done a great job, you look amazing, and you’re now happily married. Relax and enjoy the rest of your big day!

If your guests are enjoying themselves, they might get more involved with the event. Perhaps there will be lots more dancing than you expected, or maybe the speeches will go on a little longer? These are good things, so don’t let them put you off enjoying yourself too. The guests want to see that you’re having the best day of your life!

A Rosy Future

Perhaps the biggest thing to smile about is the knowledge that you have a rosy future ahead of you. Guests might already be talking about kids, buying houses, and getting pets. You’re probably just wondering if you packed everything for your honeymoon! A wedding is such a positive and nostalgic event. It’s full of hope for a perfect future. Let your guests get whimsical – it can’t hurt to entertain them.

As for you and your husband, chances are you haven’t had five seconds to talk to each other all day! Your wedding will be over soon, and you’ll have your entire honeymoon to catch up. For now, just look at the pair of you – you’re the most gorgeous couple in the room, and this is the most beautiful wedding you’ve ever been to. Congratulations!


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