5 Truths No One Tells the Bride-To-Be

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Your wedding is going to be the most amazing day of your life… in hindsight. The build up, however, is so utterly stressful you could end up questioning everything you ever perceived to be wonderful in this world. There is just so much to do, so many plates to spin, so many questions to ask and answer, and just so much general panic to overcome.

That is why we have come up with a list of things no one ever seems to tell you about planning a wedding. Oh, this isn’t to try and scare you, no way. It is to help you get prepared for those hidden problems that so often seem to blindside the bride. If you know what’s coming, you can kind of plan for it, right.

There is Nothing Fun About Finding ‘The Dress’

You probably imagine the dress hunt to be something from a fairytale, where personal shoppers pick out a dozen stunning options, each one making you look even more gorgeous than the last. The reality, though, is somewhat different. It’s stressy. You’ll question your style. Your feet will hurt. You’ll hate everyone that is trying to help and you’ll try and squeeze into so many dresses that are too small for you that you’ll get bruised everywhere.

Health & Fitness Will Become Part Of Your Planning

In order to look your absolute best, you’ll find yourself eating a disgustingly healthy diet and you’ll join a gym and do all these crazy things. That, or you’ll go down the liposuction route, which it is a good route to go down, a route that should not be ignored, especially if you absolutely hate running and totally adore biscuits. Either way, weight loss, training, dieting, boosting body confidence; all of these will enter the fold whether you like it or not.

Some Almighty Screw-Up Will Happen

It could be that your husband-to-be forgot you had agreed to write your own vows, or the weather turns bad, or the catering company didn’t make a note of the vegetarian guests, or the jewelers managed to misplace your ring or your Dad waits until the last minute to say he isn’t keen on the guy. What irrational fear comes true, no one knows. But something will happen. Some disaster will take place. Just be prepared for it and let it be a not-so-gentle introduction into married life.

It Will Take Over Your Social Life

Where your downtime used to be dinner with the boyfriend, nice chats and a couple of episodes of Orange Is The New Black, your entire existence will revolve around making Pinterest boards, watching episodes of Don’t Tell The Bride and, for movie night, Bridesmaids… again! This is just how it is, so be prepared for it and, better yet, prepare your fiance for it too.

You Will Realise Why You Said ‘Yes’

During all the stress of speaking to vendors and creating spreadsheets and choosing flower arrangements and waking up in a hot sweat about the seating plan, the love of your life will show you exactly why they earned that title. They will make you a cup of Green Tea when you need it most, take that phone call you can’t handle, turn away your mother because she will only fan the flames and be that rock you can absolutely rely on.

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