5 Hacks for Healthier Hair

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Want to keep your hair healthier for longer? Most of us care about the appearance of our hair but don’t consider the long term effects. Here are several little known hair care tips that could give you lasting flowing locks.

Strengthen your hair with protein

One of the most important ingredients that our hair needs is keratin, helping to strengthen our hair and make it shinier. Our bodies make this protein when we eat foods rich in amino acids such as eggs, meats and various vegetables. However, there are shampoos and products out there that can give our hair a healthy boost of this protein. Visit BeautyAmbition and you can read about such products. There are also many natural treatments out there. Only slightly weird but effective method is to wash your hair with egg yolks before applying shampoo. This applies proteins straight to your scalp.

Wash before bed and let it dry naturally

Many methods of drying hair are actually bad for our scalps. Blow-drying can dry out our hair and leave it more brittle, whilst using a towel can lead to tugging, damaging our roots. Letting hair dry naturally is the healthiest method, but few of us actually have time to do this, especially after having a wash in the morning before work. One way to get around this is to wash your hair in the evening before you go to bed and let it dry overnight. This way, you’ll wake up with naturally dry and clean hair.

Use satin pillows to avoid bed hair

Satin pillowcases won’t make your hair go crazy like a standard pillow. They also prevent wrinkles and get less hot at night meaning you won’t be turning them over to get the cold side. Cosmopolitan details some of the best satin pillowcases for hair.

Don’t wash your hair everyday

Washing your hair every day could be drying out your hair and making it weaker in the long run. This is because washing our hair gets rid of an oil called sebum. This stops our hair from drying out. Washing every other day could allow this sebum time to enrich our hair. There are some exceptions – some people may overproduce oil, in which case their hair may get greasier more quickly making a daily wash a sensible option. It’s also okay to wash your hair after being in a hot climate or doing heavy exercise – if you’ve been sweating a lot will be more oily and in need of a wash.

Comb in the shower

Combing your hair whilst it’s still wet makes it easier to get rid of those knots. Wet hair will slide apart more easily, whilst dry hair may require more tugging damaging the roots and hair. You can still brush your hair whilst dry. When combing and brushing, go upwards from the tip to the root. This will prevent tugging, which could damage your hair’s roots. Sites such as Review 168 can guide you on the best combs to buy for your hair.


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