Things You Must Keep In Mind About Choosing A Wedding Venue Abroad

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Destination weddings have always been a thing, but there’s getting more and more accessible and, thus, a lot more popular. But don’t feel like seeing a picture of a location is enough for you to make your mind up on where you want to go. Keep these tips in mind and you’re going to be able to pick a destination that’s everything you dream it to be and not just adding more hassle on top of an occasion that’s already of monumental proportion.

Set the scene

You might have some idyllic daydream image of what the venue is going to look like when you get married, but you might not have considered how different times of years look in different places. In the southern hemisphere, for instance, summer and winter get reversed. Still, in some countries, their winter might be a lot hotter than your summer. Make sure you do a detailed check of what you can expect from the weather and whether any rainy seasons are approaching. Don’t let this one slipped detail make a mess of all your plans.

Is your accommodation accommodating?

Talking to a venue can be hard enough, never mind when they’re overseas. It’s a good idea to have a trip to the venue of choice in advance of the wedding to get to experience the venue first hand and make sure it fits your plans. For instance, you might want to taste their food in advance if they’re providing the catering, and you might want to make sure their staff are used to accommodating clientele of an international nature.

Beware the swarms

A lot of places look gorgeous in pictures, but often hide the swarms of tourists that can cloud and crowd some of the more popular destinations. It’s worth thinking about more isolated locations like a luxury manor house. That gorgeous beach might not be as private as you like, meaning you could be having your wedding in earshot of a tidal wave of happy holiday-goers. Not the kind of atmosphere you might want on your big day.

Know the law

This is essential. Regardless of where you’re a citizen, you are subject to the laws of the country you’re marrying in. Ensuring the marriage is legal means checking up on the country’s marriage laws in advance. This is most pertinent for same-sex marriages which are still not legal in many places in the world. For instance, in Africa, they are only legal in South Africa.

Make it a hop, skip and a jump to the honeymoon

Getting your passport prepared and getting all the necessary shots and jabs to make it to one country is enough work. Why make it so you have to go through it all over again? Instead of switching destinations, consider having the honeymoon in the place you have your wedding. From a manor to a safari, for instance.

You can have your dream destination wedding; you just have to do plenty of planning in advance. Talk to the venue, see that you can legally get married in the country of choice, and pick the right time for it.


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