Groom Your Groom For Groom Duties

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Planning a wedding takes a lot of thought and a lot of effort and for the most part, this is down to the bride. It’s not necessarily that a groom is pushed out of the planning, it’s just that brides tend to have a very specific idea of what they want from their wedding day and have known it most of their lives. Ever since watching Cinderella swept off her feet in the sparkly dress, really. However, if you want to ensure your groom is going to have some responsibility for the wedding preparations, you need to groom him!

There’s a lot more for him to do than just show up and say, ‘I do’, and you may be one of the lucky ones who has a groom who wants to be more involved anyway! If not, it’s time to sit down together and give him a list of duties that he can take on, so that you aren’t left alone with all the prep and stress that comes with it. The duties we’ve listed below are traditionally for the groom to do:

  1. Groomsmen. A groom should always be in charge of choosing the men who are going to stand by his side while he makes a lifelong commitment. Whether it’s relatives or friends or a mix of the two, the choice is completely up to the groom. These are generally the men who will be with him on his bachelor party, so they will have to have some sensible heads among them!
  2. Suit Up. He can make a day of it with his groomsmen, but the groom has to be in charge of choosing his own suit. Establish the wedding colours and any themes with him before his tailoring appointment, and discuss whether a grey or black suit would suit the wedding itself. Otherwise, it’s up to him! Cravat or bowtie is out of your hands, bride!
  3. Wedding Rings. Some couples like to choose the wedding rings together, but if your groom chooses Tacori wedding rings on his own account, you know you’re marrying well. His choice will be dictated not only by taste, but by budget. Have a discussion about how much of the wedding budget there is to play with, but let him make the final choice. After all, he chose your engagement ring and you love that!
  4. Speech. Traditionally, the groom makes a speech on behalf of himself and his wife at the wedding reception, to thank all the guests for making their day special. This speech cannot be written by the bride or have her input, so let him get his creative side on but give your groom a deadline – this cannot be a last-minute speech!

There’s plenty of other duties your groom could get involved in for your wedding day, and sharing the load of the planning is just a good indicator of the life you are about to share that is ahead of you. Have fun and happy planning!

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