The Skinny on Skin – Why Doesn’t It Look It’s Best?

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The skin is the largest organ on the body, and it’s so important we look after it with all of the free radicals and other nasties floating around! If you abuse your skin, eventually it’s going to start looking dull, dehydrated, and even haggard. So, why doesn’t your skin look its best – what are you doing wrong? There could be a plethora of reasons. Let’s explore some of them:

You’re Indulging Too Much In Bad Habits

Maybe you’re overindulging in bad habits. Bad habits come in many forms. If you smoke, your skin is going to suffer, especially in the long term. Excessive drinking, and even eating too much junk food can affect your skin. Do your best to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and avoid damaging habits like smoking altogether.

You Eat Way Too Much Dairy

Eating dairy is a matter of preference, mostly – nobody here is trying to tell you to go vegan, or cut out pizza, or anything like that. However, dairy has been linked with pimples. Many people who regularly consume things like cow’s milk and whey protein shakes find that they get angry spots on the skin. If you think this could be a reason your skin isn’t looking great, you could try a milk alternative. Coconut milk, almond milk, and even soy milk can be great.

You Don’t Have A Consistent Skincare Regime

Having a consistent skin care regime even from a young age helps to protect skin from the harmful environment. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising twice a day is the least you should be doing for great skin. Some people think that skipping moisturizing will help to dry up spots, but it can actually encourage more spots as the skin will overcompensate by creating more sebum! If you want to enhance your skincare regime further, a serum makes a great investment. Exfoliating with a gentle product a couple of times a week could help too, not to mention the odd face mask. This blog can give more easy suggestions.

You’re Not Using The Right Products For Your Skin

Maybe you do have a skincare regime. But are you using the right products? If you have oily skin and you’re using products meant for dry, or even normal skin, you’re going to experience adverse reactions. You need to know your skin type and then purchase products that complement it.

Your Sleep Pattern Is All Over The Place

Sleep is restorative for the mind, body, and soul. Is your sleeping pattern all over the place? If it is, this could be another reason your skin is suffering. Getting the right amount of sleep should help you to look more awake. Try switching to silk pillow cases too. This will reduce drag on your skin and help you to wake up looking more refreshed. They are great for hair health also!

Are you doing something listed here that’s affecting your skin? Maybe you have tips of your own? Leave your comments below and come back soon!

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