Where to Display Your “Just Married” Sign

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We’ve all seen those shows where a newly married couple drives off into the sunset with the words ‘Just Married’ proudly displayed on the back of their fancy car. It’s definitely a classic getaway from the wedding reception, but it might not necessarily be how you want to make your exit from the wedding. Classic cars are but one method of transportation, so shop around for the perfect place to display your own ‘Just Married’ sign.

Two wheels

You can have a slightly more intimate getaway if your take off on a motorcycle, Vespa or tandem bike. True, you will have to practice riding the vehicle safely with your dress and heels, or you might change out of the fancy wedding attire before you make plans to depart. Either way, driving away on a two-wheeled vehicle gives you the chance to get a little cosy with your new spouse while you drive away to your wedding night hotel, or to your honeymoon.

Vintage car

Make a memorable entrance and exit from your wedding reception by driving off from the ceremony in a classic vintage car. A Rolls Royce would make the perfect backdrop for classic black-and-white photo ops, or a sports car in a striking colour can really pop against the wedding colour scheme. If your future husband is a fan of vintage cars, then make his wedding day extra special by letting him drive a car he chose for the occasion.


Another way to make a grand entrance and exit is by pulling up in a limousine. The bridal party can actually make good use of a limo for the whole day; it can get all your bridesmaids to the wedding venue, and give you and your new spouse a little privacy on your way to and from the reception. It’s pretty easy to hire a limousine for the day; just get in touch with limo services at BergenLimo.com and find out how much it’ll cost to hire a limo for the day. You can even hire some limo drivers to take you all the way to the airport where you’ll depart for your honeymoon. You’ll definitely catch the attention of passing drivers en route to all your destinations, so the ‘Just Married’ sign might not be needed after all.


If you’re having a country wedding, you could tie your getaway vehicle into the theme by asking a farmer if you can borrow one of their tractors. It’s an unusual choice, but it’ll be a unique touch to your countryside wedding. It might also provide some entertainment for any kids in your guest list.

Horse-drawn carriage

Most brides dream of the perfect fairytale wedding, and no fairytale is complete without a horse-drawn carriage. You can transport your whole wedding party to the venue by hiring a buggy for six people, or you can have your own Royal Wedding moment by waving at the crowd as you and your new husband depart for the honeymoon.

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