Outfits for Times You Wanna Chill But Look Sharp Too

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Ever been in one of those moods where you just want to grab anything, something, to put on and walk out the door when you’re in a rush? You’re not the only one if so, and in fact, there’s a whole section of the fashion industry that has dedicated itself to this new chic style. Fashion goes through many periods of prolonged evolution and then it suddenly snaps back into the past to renovate an old style. It’s perhaps the only industry in the world to do this, as the retro clothes are becoming more in tune with the younger generation, namely hipsters. However, there has been a new development in the world of clothing styles, designs and everyday fashion. The street wear style has allowed many start-ups to arise and flourish across major cities all around the world. It’s a style that is made to look ‘controlled messy’ as if you’re fleeting about your own sense of fashion, but really, you’re making a great urban statement about your style.

The modern London denim look

Nowhere else in the world did the casual movement catch on with such furiosity as it did the capital of United Kingdom, London. Although the denim culture has largely disappeared, the style and the types of clothing designs have remained fresh in the minds of the zone 1 and two inhabitants. Although, things have changed slightly, as now the clothes that many casual cosmopolitan floating spirits wear incorporates denim; and a whole lot of it. Saggy denim jeans, which a fair white brazen wash to them, fit above just at, or above the belly button. The hips flared out, and the jeans go straight downward from there, creating an open and loose fitting jean. A denim, studded or embellished design is a great accompaniment to join the jeans. For a top, you could wear a single strap or wrap around the neck, denim top, that doesn’t have arms and bares the shoulders. Fitting down nearer the waist, the bottom of the garment is also fitted loosely. This is a great outfit if you just want to slip something on, have it hang a little and not hug your figure as snuggly. Why not wear sandals with this casual look for a little break up of blue, with a light brown.

The boastful B-boy attire

If you’re a bit more confident with your figure and want to express your youth with a bit of a shout and boastful manner, you can wear clothes with a sharp tack. Crop tops are a great way to show off your flat stomach and yet remain tasteful without revealing too much skin. They come in lots of great styles which you can just pop on when you’re walking out the door. The shredded sleeves and high waistline make for a great look of attitude and ruggedness. The B-boy style comes from the culture of street dance or hip hop dance which are both aggressive styles of poplock, break dancing, rap and robotic dance forms that all mesh together. Together with the crop top, you could wear a pair of sleek all-white trainers, built for comfort and mobility, like the ones from theiconic.com.au. Adidas has long since been in this market, together with urban shoes that are designed to go through the rough and tumble of city life. To finish off the outfit, you can wear, denim shorts or perhaps dark black skinny jeans, giving a great contrast to the white trainers. If you don’t want to go out with just a crop top, you can incorporate in a dull green, bomber jacket, just to complete a style that reflects your tomboy personality a little bit.

The urban streetwear style

This kind of style specifically has come out of major cities where there is a large student population, mainly due to a city center campus. Sportswear is worn casually, and with minimal fuss, except the style has evolved to now become mainstream. Many celebrities have been seen to wear, sweatshirt hoodies and trouser bottoms, from sports brands that originally designed this type of clothing for the gym and fitness training. Now the style can be referred to as street casual or urban streetwear. Although trainers have been replaced in favor or sneakers, the kind of style they use is very similar; hence, you can confuse a running trainer for a purely leisurely sneaker. You can, however, incorporate beanies and leather jackets which show this specific style is still evolving and in the midst of branching out. It’s also a sign jogging and other working out clothes are being transformed into everyday casual wear, and it’s mainly poor students who are shaping this new style, which the celebrities are now copying.

The relaxed and mobile

This is a look if you want a look that fits snugly, but doesn’t flaunt your curves so openly, and uses subtlety to give your security yet also sex appeal. Also referred to like the cafe latte early bird look, because it uses thick black yoga pants that fit reasonably tight, by not so much that the fabric is stretched across the legs. You’ll still have a little extra material floating around your hips, knees and shins, because they are designed to hug the rear and thighs, protecting yours from a cold draft. Also, you can wear a woollen, long, thin cardigan that hangs down to the just above the ankles. For a top, you can wear anything you want, as the rest of the outfit allows a lot of versatility, especially with the ability to mix and match different color schemes.   

These kinds of styles are superb for women who want to just get out of their home, off to work or run a few errands, and not have to worry about how their body shape is looking. These loose fitting clothes are stylish, and in fact, by their very design, the styles celebrate the fact the clothes can fit a variety women, all shapes and sizes. Students have made streetwear fashionable, so feel free to take the risk of putting on a jumper you’d normally wear at the gym, and mix in a bit of urban-dazzle, to complete the image of a modern cosmopolitan citizen.


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