The 101 To Feeling Good About Your Looks

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Everyone has insecurities. Even friends, members of your family, or simply strangers that you find beautiful will find flaws when they look at themselves in the mirror. Once you understand the perfection is an illusion, you might start to appreciate all the good aspects of your appearance rather than focusing on tiny blemishes. Nonetheless, if your desire for a better appearance is based on the premise of being healthier and doing so for your own satisfaction, rather than the satisfaction of others, then here’s class 101 on feeling good about the way you look.


If you want to look good then focus on looking healthy. The goal isn’t always just to lose weight and keep on losing weight. You can be incredibly skinny and still incredibly unhealthy. The goal always has to be to remain healthy, as explained over at Everybody looks better if they’re healthy, no matter what shape or size they may be. Your skin glows, there’s a spring in your step, and you’re mentally stronger, happier, and more attractive as a result. Make sure you focus on a good diet and exercise regime above all else. Consistency is the key; find a balanced eating schedule which suits you. Don’t yo-yo between binge-eating and starving yourself.


Look after your mental state first and foremost. As mentioned over at, self-care is so important when it comes to feeling better about your appearance because you’ll feel yourself trapped in an unbreakable circle if you constantly strive to look better for other people. You’ll never feel happy in yourself which means you’ll never feel happy about your appearance. You have to be working on you for you. You’ll find that when you look after your mental state, your physical state naturally improves. We’ll discuss that more in the following point.


Many people don’t like their skin. As we get older, it loses its smooth appearance and develops an increasing number of blemishes over the years. Acne is one of the first ones that strikes, and this happens for many whilst they’re still young teenagers. The key to dealing with acne is not to aggravate it. Wash your face with hands and not a cloth (and these collect dirt and bacteria which will give you more acne). Focus on dealing with your mental worries and stress too. A lot of tension in your mind can lead to stress acne developing.

Of course, there are many more blemishes than acne about which you may be worrying. You might want to check out if you’re desperate to understand what causes cellulite on your skin and how you could better prevent it. It’s not a case of whether you’re fat but whether you have poor blood flow and circulation, amongst other things (diet can play a part). The point is that looking after your skin isn’t just about finding new creams, moisturizers, and other things to lather on your face or the rest of your body just to keep everything looking smooth. Looking after your skin is about living healthily. Look after your body on the inside and it’ll show on the outside. As discussed within this point, your skin is a reflection of your diet, your mental state, and your age. Time does take its toll, but there’s still a lot you can do to keep your skin healthy. As we’ve talked about before on this site, simple things such as drinking more water will keep your skin hydrated and glowing.


The final but most important aspect of an attractive appearance rests on your mental state. As explained over at, you need to be confident. The appearance of confidence will improve the way you feel about your appearance as a whole. Confidence is also something that’s projected very powerfully onto the world, so other people will pick up on this change in mental state and the way in which it changes your physical appearance. You could try things such as improving your posture by forcing yourself to sit in an upright chair. You could try walking more quickly to improve your leg muscles because a stronger and more determined walk projects confidence. You give off the vibe that you have a purpose; you walk with an objective and a goal.

At the end of the day, feeling good about the way you look rests on you feeling good about yourself. That’s what it comes down to. You need to be working on your appearance for the right reason: impressing yourself.

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