Camp Like a Champ: Tips For Comfortable Night in the Wild

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Camping doesn’t sound like the most glamorous thing to do. It shouldn’t be too fancy either – it’s all about reconnecting with nature and getting back to basics, after all. You can still get away with adding a touch of style to your campsite, though, and it certainly won’t hurt to stick to your skincare routine even if you’re out in the wild.

Here is a handy guide to comfortable camping, making it possible to return home without all the mosquito bites and chapped-up lips.

What to Wear

While you need to take care of all the basic camping stuff, such as having a decent tent and a hearty supply of food, one of the most important things to think about when you pack is clothing. Even if you expect nothing but sunny days and warm temperatures, pack water-resistant clothes as well as wool.

It gets chilly in the evening, you know, and although many of the synthetic sweaters are able to keep you warm and dry, they’ll light you on fire if you step too close to the heat.

Remember to pack a cap or a hat as well to shelter your face from the sun, some comfy clothes to relax in, cover yourself in sun-lotion when it’s sunny and include your good mood as well in case the weather turns against you.

Staying Warm

Your biggest enemy when it comes to staying comfortable and happy on a camping trip is cold weather. Everyone is unhappy when they’re cold – and when you’re not able to head inside right away to heat up, you’re going to feel even more miserable.

Make sure you set up the tent somewhere it’s sheltered from harsh winds, invest in a quality sleeping bag, and a sturdy tent that will keep you safe and dry through the night. Have a look at right away to double check that you have everything in order. In case they predict colder nights, it’s a good idea to pack hot water bottles as well as an abundance of extra sweaters to keep you warm.

Get an Inflatable Mattress

The number one tip to those who claim they don’t really like camping that much is to ditch the thin padding you usually roll out in your tent and invest in an inflatable mattress instead. After one night in the wild on this heavenly softness, you’ll never look back again – and camping is suddenly a lot more comfortable than it used to.

Extend this mindset to your other necessities as well and swap out that cheap instant coffee by including your moccamaster in your bag. It’s nothing fancy, really, just an easy way to make your mornings a lot more pleasant and prepare you for a day in nature without the aftertaste of instant coffee. Check out, as well, for a list of great food to snack on while camping.

When you return home, you’ll feel a lot more rested and tranquil than before you left – and although the mosquitoes may have left their marks, you were at least able to enjoy a decent cup of coffee before heading back to civilization.

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