Out of Your Comfort Zone with Natural Fashion

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For most people, fashion isn’t really about showing off, and proclaiming to the world that you’re trendy and following the same thing everyone else is doing. That kind of attitude is mostly done, so you feel better around other people, because of the way we dress is an important factor when it comes to socializing. But, it’s 2017, and many of the previous fashion norms have almost gone out the window. Those who are fashion conscious it’s pretty easy to know what you’re going to wear every day because your range is chosen for you by the fashion magazines and the celebrities who you admire. However, for someone who just wears what they find looks good on them, the issue of mundanity becomes an issue. Venturing out and trying to new things is part and parcel of life, so what kind of things could you try to jump out of your comfort zone?

Rugged and sexy sandals

Centuries ago, Roman sandals were worn by anyone and everyone, especially in mainland Europe. The design is strong, flexible and allows for the wearer to give their soles and toes room to breathe. In today’s world, these sandals have shifted from their original purpose, which was to supply the Roman soldiers of empire, to being the sexy alternative to women’s heels or flat shoes. The straps are made from leather, and the sole has a piece of flexible wood in the middle which is a most likely oak of yew wood. You can get them in virtually any color, but the best might be the traditional wood and earth look or brown and orange. They can wrap up beyond your achilles heels and a little up the calf to give you the support most other shoes do. They’re not too bizarre, yet they’re not really worn by the masses; thus. subtle yet stylish.

Mother nature’s shade

As the sun glares down on us, we feel the need to protect our head and face from the ultraviolet rays. If all you’ve had for your entire life are the classic black frames for sunglasses, it’s time to do something different. At bamboocrib.com, you can find sunglasses which are made entirely of bamboo. The sleek and smooth styling is met with the cool tone of the natural wood. Beige in color, it’s the tone of a smooth latte or sun kissed sand. The natural material goes well with the sudden hit of black shades, which instantly stand out because of the apparent contrast.

Superhero fashion

One of the fashion items that has come about lately is the cape. Unlike the traditional superhero capes which are attached at the shoulders, the cape is essential, an elongated cardigan, but more free to move about. A, whether worn like a coat or a blazer, has a touch of elegance to it because the smooth motions of the woolen cloth dances in the wind and accentuates the natural movement of walking. You can wear them in summer and winter, whichever you prefer because they are more-or-less in the category of accessory. Your main top is worn underneath, and the cape takes the place of a thin coat which covers your shoulders, arms, back and the majority of your upper torso. However, because of the design nature, it hangs loose and relies on your to wrap it in a whole number of styles.

Make use of mother nature to help you get out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s from sheep supplying their wool, or rugged sandals made from leather, or simply adorning the humble bamboo tree as part of your outfit, you won’t regret looking different from the generic fashion trends.


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