Halloween Prep: Steampunk Inspired

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The definition of steampunk changes from person to person, but we can all agree it’s stylish and fun to dabble in. Similarly, with autumn coming along, we want to wear warmer clothing that covers up a little bit more than our summer wear. Using steampunk elements in our outfits for this month are a great way of achieving that.

Considering Halloween is coming up as well, steampunk is always a popular option for a costume. If you use industrial inspired clothing looks, it’ll be some great styling and preparation! Below are a few ideas on how you can wear something that’s suitable for everyday work and lifestyle, but also remind you of some Victorian elements.

Turn Your Attention To Boots

Wearing boots is incredibly season appropriate, but they’re also an adventurous look with some heavy wear material.

Boots are great for anyone to wear as they’re suitable for nearly all occasions and are less likely to break under walking pressure. Like stated, this makes them great for the autumn and winter period. The style is also steampunk ready, as even the standard ankle boot looks plenty industrial as it is, and always makes you feel like you’re off on an incredible journey.

Incorporating A Corset

Corsets are coming more and more back into everyday fashion, so you’ll look a step above the crowd with some lace or watch detailing. If you’re looking for a quality corset, these give you the curves you want. There’s plenty of comparisons you can look at also, so shop around for your own tastes. Corsets are also great at waist training if you’re looking to get in a little shape, so you can dabble in them as much as you like even without steampunk stylings.

Match this with some form fitting trousers or leggings and you’re immediately off to a good start. Corsets are a timeless classic that everybody likes the look of, but wearing one can get a bit of getting used to. Don’t keep one on for more than 8 hours at a time, and make sure you can lace them properly.

Put On Some Lacy Tops

Lace collars on a nice blouse look timeless and work ready at the same time. There’s a definite steampunk element in a high collar anyway, and if they’re lace you’ll look all the more 19th century inspired. Some simple lacing designs across your top work well also, and is just a good daily eye catcher.  

There’s always an element of the gothic about black and white being worn together. White paired with dark colours looks great for winter, with brown and dark leathers incorporating well into any colour outfits.

If you want to get into the mood for halloween, or are simply looking for some different winter wear, try some steampunk inspired clothing. It looks great, and is surprisingly easy to wear when you know how! It can be done in little things like jewellery, or you can branch out with the corset if you want.

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