Jewelry Trends for Autumn

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It’s undoubtedly tough to say goodbye to summer for another year. The weather is turning cooler, even though Fall hasn’t officially begun — that’s September 22nd. Nevertheless, the seasons are undoubtedly changing.

There is one upside to the end of summer though; the impact on your wardrobe. With a new season come new trends to obsess over and curate. It’s fair to say the autumn lines from the big designers — which will permeate down the supply chain into the high street – have not disappointed. Last autumn had some beauties, and 2017’s offerings are looking good too. Some of the most stunning examples came in jewelry, so let’s focus on that as we run through the pieces you’ll want in your jewelry box for the upcoming months…

Chokers Are Still A Thing

Given the quintessentially 90s image that chokers evoke, it’s somewhat surprising that they have survived another season. However, the chokers on show are beginning to change. They’re becoming bigger, bolder, and more wearable as a result – rather than looking like a tight, thin band that does little more than constrain your breathing. Ellie Saab and Miu Miu both opted for large chokers, encrusted with stones – so look out for copycats in store soon.

Keys, Keys, And More Keys

Keys were everywhere when it came to accessories for this autumn. Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs both featured ostentatious key designs, which will no doubt be tamed down by the retailers for more wearable looks. This influence is already seen in some of the key pendants available on Roma Designer Jewelry, which come in both rose gold and silver. Add a key to an existing pendant for an on-trend nod to the runway.

Talismanic Jewelry

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times or just one of those fashion trends, but there’s no doubt about it: talismans were a big feature in the autumn lineups. From hearts featured by Chloe through to the gorgeous white feathers of Lanvin, talismans are a focal point for jewelry for this season. Gone are the single-piece bangles and simple pendants; go loud and proud with charms and talismans for a truly on-trend look.

The Season Of Bling

If you’ll excuse the early-00s wording, there’s no denying it: autumn is going to sparkle. Silver was the metal of choice, hosting huge numbers of crystals which are set to catch the eye in the shortening days of autumn. This is perhaps one of the most replicable trends, given that it doesn’t take diamonds to create a sparkle. Go for small-cut stones as featured by Isabel Murant, or opt for something bigger and more ornate a la Saint Laurent.


Lose an earring? Not a problem this autumn, giving the mismatching trend that began last autumn is set to continue. Heavyweights such as Balenciaga and Versace all featured mismatched earrings, so you finally have a use for all those earrings whose partner you lost years ago.

While the above might not quite make up for the loss of sunny weather and long summer days, they come pretty close. Which jewelry trend are you going to be delighting in this autumn?

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