5 City Car Ride in Europe

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One of the best things about traveling in Europe is that you can visit so many countries and cities in a short space of time. Train travel is easy, and there are even some tickets that will allow you to travel freely through most of the countries you might be interested in. Of course, if you hire a car, you can create your own itinerary, and spend as much time in your favorite places as you like. Why not tackle this 5 city car ride?


Beautiful Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The country is world renowned for producing some of the world’s best loved classical musicians like Liszt and Bartok. Of course, people love going to Hungary for the folk culture including art and dance too. Visiting the Gellert Baths and walking along the Danube promenade are just some of the best things to do in Budapest. The road infrastructure is quite good, making this a great place to start your European drive.


Head northwest into Austria, and you will arrive at Vienna after approximately 243 km. You can do this in under 3 hours depending on stops and traffic. Vienna is a beautiful city featuring some of the best European architecture you can find. Vienna was home to Sigmund Freud and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but it is the beautiful Imperial palaces that draw the big crowds today. Hotels are more expensive here than Budapest, but you’ll find plenty to do in the city throughout the day and night.


435 km away to the east is Munich, one of the liveliest cities in Germany. It’s well worth the 5-hour drive, but chances are you’ll take a quick stop in Salzburg along the way. Sausages and beer aren’t the only things the Germans do exceedingly well in Munich. This is a multicultural city with an incredible nightlife. Take some time out to explore the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle. It’s beautiful there and offers a number of fun activities for groups. There is also a huge variety of accommodation available to suit all budgets.


In under 4 hours from Munich you can be in Switzerland. The lake and waterfront offer the best of things to do for tourists. Zurich is most well known for its banking and finance centers. The weekly markets are ideal for browsing, and there are always plenty of events on in the city to keep all ages entertained. Public transport is good if you want to travel around a little without the car.


Perhaps the longest leg of your European car journey is this one at over 650km. It may take you all day to get there, but you’ll enjoy some beautiful scenery along the way. Then, of course, you have the reward of being in the city of romance, complete with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. Indulge in some patisserie fare and book in for a romantic dinner for two in one of Paris’ top restaurants. High fashion is everywhere, so check out a boutique or two before you go home. Love Europe.

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