Holiday Helpline: Your Travel Problems Solved

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We love going on holiday, but we are all prone to the occasional mishap that can upset our enjoyment. From forgetting the passport to pesky mosquito bites, here are some of the common problems you might encounter on your travels, and how you can deal with them.

You forget to pack your passport

It’s no big deal if you forget to pack your toothbrush, but your passport is another matter. You aren’t going to leave the country without it. You should also make sure it is valid weeks in advance, as you will have to wait a short while before you are issued with a new one. We recommend you make use of this holiday checklist, ticking off everything on the list before you set off on your travels. If you are going abroad, make sure your passport is your number one priority.

The airline loses your luggage

You should always clearly mark your luggage to reduce the chance of somebody taking it by mistake, but if you do lose your bags, calmly go to the airport stewards and file a report. They may give you some travel essentials to keep you going until your luggage shows up. Then let your insurance company know, and they may cover you for any missing items. The longer your luggage is missing, the more compensation the airline owes you, so it is in their best interest to find it. Hint: keep essentials in your hand luggage, so you don’t lose anything important.

The hotel is a dive

You don’t want to stay in a hotel that is in a state of disrepair, so always do your research on a review site before booking your room. Alternatively, go with a trusted name, such as the

Best Western Plus Greensboro Airport Hotel, who have a legacy behind them that you can rely on. Your accommodation is a key part of your holiday experience, so you don’t want to live in a hellhole for the duration of your holiday.

Somebody steals your purse

You will stand out like a sore thumb when abroad, and you will be susceptible to pickpockets. If your purse is stolen, you should contact the local police as soon as you can, and get a copy of the crime report as evidence for your travel insurance company. Then contact your local bank to report your missing cards, and ask if they can send you a replacement to your hotel. Safety is paramount when abroad, and for further advice, read our article on how to stay safe while you are away.

You are attacked by mosquitos

You want to look good while on holiday, but you won’t if your body and face are swollen because of mosquito bites. Bearing in mind some of them spread malaria, you should see your doctor for advice before you leave. While you are away, wear insect repellant, and keep your arms and legs covered, especially at night. If you are bitten, reduce the urge to itch as this will increase the swelling. See a pharmacist, or bring along your own first-aid kit, and use products such as calamine lotion or tea tree oil to reduce the swelling.


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