What To Do Now That Summer Is Over

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Summer has well and truly left us behind without looking back, and so we are well in the throes of autumn. However, this time of year sparks some great motivation for change and getting things in order, ready for the colder months ahead. There is actually more to think of than you would realise now that it’s  changing the season, from your home to the clothes that you wear I thought I would share with you what exactly you should and could be doing now that the summer days are over.

Think about your autumn wardrobe

It’s time to put away the skimpy vest tops and race back dresses and start thinking about the autumn clothing for your wardrobe. It’s actually very exciting to change the items of clothing you have in your wardrobe and autumn presents the perfect opportunity to reinvent your style. Skinny jeans and oversized cosy knits. Ankle boots and jumper dresses. The options are endless. You could spend some time shopping online in some boutiques. Dresses are a great addition, and there is a niche, online market, especially for autumn and winter styles. You could visit Lotus Boutique for more options like dresses. There are plenty to choose from, and they make the perfect addition to any autumn wardrobe.

Get excited about your autumn bucket list

Autumn presents some amazing opportunities for different things to do. You can start off with the smaller things like going out for country walks and stomping around in the autumn leaves. Going out specifically for a pumpkin spiced latte. Or even just getting cosy at night and lighting an autumn candle scented with cinnamon. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the autumn with friends, family and loved ones.

Think about changing your home interior

Autumn means you can start to think about styling your home in a different way. Pulling out all of the blankets for those colder evenings. Lighting the candles and lighting up the lamps earlier than usual. You can also think about a change in colour. Maybe opting for autumnal colours like mustard, purples or burgundy. Many people consider changing their home style completely, like using differing bed linen and adding things like blankets and extra cushions in the bedroom as well as the living space. You could also use this opportunity to take advantage of those yearly tasks you put off, like cleaning out the gutters and getting your home physically ready for autumn and winter.

Get excited for the up and coming events for the calendar

Finally, now is the time of year where you can get excited for some of the up and coming events to make a note of in your calendar. You can start to think about Halloween, maybe organise a party or a get together over spooky cocktails. I’m sure Pinterest has an array of ideas for this. Or maybe looking forward to watching fireworks on bonfires night or even starting the big countdown to Christmas.

Autumn is definitely a season worth getting excited about.

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