Bridal Jewelry Dos and Don’ts

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The jewellery that a bride wears on her wedding day is rarely the star of the show. It’s the gown that takes centre-stage, with the jewellery fading into the background. Many brides don’t give much thought to their jewellery, beyond thinking of what it will be like to wear their wedding ring for the first time.

A wedding dress is just like any other outfit; it needs jewellery to bring the entire look together. While any bride is still going to look stunning, jewellery is the essential final piece of the puzzle. Even if it’s not the star of the show, good, well-thought-out bridal jewellery can help the star shine that little bit brighter.


DO: Keep It Understated


As mentioned, the most important part of your wedding day attire isn’t jewellery; it’s the wedding dress itself. For the vast majority of brides, their wedding dress will be the most expensive garment they have ever purchased — so it’s vital to let it stand out.


To do this, wedding jewellery needs to be simple, quiet, and complementary. Don’t go for huge, outlandish pieces; try simple pendant necklaces, metal bracelets, and earrings that are studs rather than dangling onto the neckline. These jewellery choices help to pull the entire look together, but without distracting from the all-important gown.


DON’T: Clash Metals With Your Wedding Ring


Mixing metals is not considered a fashion faux pas the way it used to be, but it’s still not a great look on an outfit that is as simple as a bridal look — and let’s face it, this is a relatively simple look, usually comprising of just a dress, albeit a spectacular one! With a simple look, it’s always best to stick to the same metals. So if you have a gold wedding ring, then spend some time picking the right gold chain to complement it. If your wedding ring is a silver metal — such as platinum or silver itself — then you don’t need to match the metal exactly, but the colour should be the same.

DO: Ensure Each Piece Is Comfortable

A wedding day is long. You have the ceremony, the cocktail hour, the reception — it’s going to be tiring. As a result, it’s important to pick jewellery that feels good when you’re wearing it. Don’t opt for anything too heavy, or fabric pieces where the material might fray and be irritating. You don’t want to get halfway through the night and find yourself taking your jewellery off, especially as you’re liable to lose it if you do. Small, simple, lightweight pieces are the best choices for your big day.

DON’T: Wear Too Much

Two pieces of jewellery are perfectly sufficient for a wedding. Two is enough to tie an outfit together, but not so much that the jewellery will stand out for all the right reasons. A necklace and a bracelet is the classic choice, but an anklet would look stunning if you’re having a beach wedding.

Bridal jewellery might not be the most important part of the bridal look, but it has a huge contribution to make. With your bridal jewellery in place, you can walk down the aisle with pride, on your way to the most important piece of jewellery of your life.

DO: Consider Jewellery For Your “Borrowed” Item

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? There’s a way of making your jewellery fit into any of those categories, but “something borrowed” might be the best choice. A close friend or family member will be happy to lend you something to wear on the happy occasion, and it will be a great way to honour their part in your lives.

If you’re lucky, someone will step up and offer something perfect without you needing to ask. Otherwise, considering the other dos and don’ts here, ask around and you’re sure to find something understated but beautifully symbolic.

DON’T: Wear A Watch

What you wear on your wedding day should, ideally, be lightweight and elegant. Wedding dresses are designed to be that way, and your jewellery, as mentioned, should follow suit. This, unfortunately, pretty much rules out all watches; even the daintiest timepiece is going to seem bulky and clunky when set against the rest of your outfit. Anyway, remember that on this of all days, it is the bride’s prerogative to be late – so who needs a wristwatch?

Stick to these guidelines, then, and your wedding day will be as you dreamed it; the only thing shining brighter than the bridal jewellery will be the bride herself.

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