Adventure Awaits – Don’t Let Money Hold You Back

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Travelling is something that everyone should aim to do- it opens up your eyes to different ways of life and can give you an appreciation for your own. You get new experiences, meet new people and get to have fun. However, travel can be expensive, and the cost is what holds so many people back. But actually, going abroad and doing these things doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. Here’s how you can see the world while keeping costs down.

Backpack or Road Trip

If you want to see the world but don’t have a lot of money, then backpacking or going on a road trip are both great options. When you go backpacking, you’re mainly traveling by foot or public transport, and stay in places like travel hostels which are great for the budget traveler. When you travel by RV, you get somewhere to stay and transportation in one, which can save you a lot of cash. Plus you can fill up your backpack or vehicle with non-perishable snacks to keep you going during the day. Nuts, dried fruit, cereal and protein bars can all be bought from grocery stores and won’t cost much. You could also eat at cheap chain restaurants, cafes, and buffets to fill your boots without spending much. Keep an eye out for cheap flights, these kinds of things will all help to bring down the overall cost of your trip.

Avoid The Tourist Traps

Anywhere that tourists flock to will be expensive. Not just the attractions themselves, but shops, hotels and everything else in the area will have an increased price due to the amount of tourists and customers they get. If you want to spend less, find fun places to go that are a little less known by tourists. You could look at hotels near Lancaster, PA for example and explore Amish country. There’s plenty to do from corn mazes to buggy rides, hot air balloon rides, theatres, spas and more. You won’t be short on things to do, but it will be far less pricey than some of the big tourist attractions out there. Go down winding roads, mix with the locals, explore markets and eat tasty street food. There are plenty of fascinating destinations that are off the beaten path.

Work While You Travel

If you’re already earning money from your laptop– for example from a blog, freelancing sites or a Youtube channel, why not continue to do this while you’re away? It can earn you some extra spending money, and you’d only need to do a few hours each evening to keep it all ticking over. Alternatively, you could sign up to a program which offers free food and accommodation in return for some hours worked. Not the traditional way people travel but could allow you to see a new part of the world and get experiences you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Have you ever put off travel as you thought you couldn’t afford it?

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