So, You Want To Explore Where Few Have Gone Before?

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Seeing the world is an unparalleled experience. And we’re talking about really seeing the world. Your vacation to some sunny beach resort in Europe might’ve been relaxing – there’s no doubt about that – but such a trip is a very different experience to actually exploring the world and perhaps stepping out of your comfort zone. Sightseeing and vacationing can sometimes be the same thing, however, if you’re passionate about the idea of being an amateur explorer.

But where do you begin on such an adventure? Well, you don’t have to visit some unknown part of the world to find hidden gems. Some of the countries in which you’ll find these places are very common tourist locations; it’s just about being “in the know” with regards to the best spots to see. Here are some tips on places to explore where few have gone before.


This is a beautiful country and one that is immensely popular with tourists. However, you shouldn’t dismiss this suggestion so quickly. Australia is a vast country with a lot to offer beyond the most popular tourist spots, such as Sydney and Byron Bay. Both of these places are beautiful and dense in terms of culture, of course. Still, when it comes to places that few have properly explored, you might want to venture a little further to destinations such as Cape Leveque. It’s a place of natural beauty in which you can go camping and pull yourself away from the comforts of modern life; you can even learn about its history and culture in the wilderness camp run by local indigenous people.

You might also want to see the Whitsunday islands just off the coast. Whilst many people have heard of these islands and visited them, that doesn’t mean they’ve seen the real side of these places. If you want to go one step further with your exploration then you could try a northern exposure tour from Airlie Beach by either jetskiing or snorkeling to get to hidden nooks and crannies that most tourists won’t see. There are depths to the islands and the waters which surround them; don’t just give the Whitsunday islands a cursory glance if you want to be a proper explorer who sees something a bit different to most visitors. Remember, there’s a lot more to Australia than iconic cities such as Sydney.


In this very sparsely populated African country, there are overwhelming large portions of land which are protected by natural laws in government policies. That makes Namibia a unique country, in this sense; it also means there are thousands upon thousands of square miles that are unexplored. It boasts beautiful deserts such as the Kalahari and protected wildlife left free to roam in its natural habitat. Few have truly explored this place, but if you’re patient and respectful then you might just see endangered creatures such as rhinos and cheetahs.


When you’re in Brazil, you should explore The Amazon Rainforest. Rio De Janeiro is a beautiful city, as are many other cities in this country, but it is the rainforest which is worth seeing with your own two eyes. It’s a place we all know but very few of us have seen in the flesh. It’s also a place which is being cut down to a scarily large extent every day, so it can be a very grounding experience to explore this beautiful forest and feel humbled by the importance of our planet. Of course, when exploring, you should travel with professionals because it’s a beautiful but dangerous place; the wildlife is best admired from a distance.

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