Find The Perfect Skincare Routine for You

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There was once a time where we got out our trusty flannel, put it under some hot water, rubbed on a bit of bar soap and scrubbed our face until we were satisfied that it was no longer laden with the dirt it had collected throughout the day. Voila! That was the extent of many a skincare routine. Fast forward into the twenty-first century, and we now know a lot more about the mechanics of our skin. You only have to turn on the TV to see the adverts from well-known cosmetics brands pushing the importance of your very own personalised skin type.

Our skin is the single largest organ of our body and deserves to be taken care of and protected. When we head out into the balmy midday sun, we wouldn’t dream of venturing out without a little bit of sunscreen to protect us from harmful UV rays. It’s vital that we have a skincare routine that is manageable and bespoke to us. What works for one person will not work for another. With allergies on the increase, it’s vital that we treat our skin with the sensitivity it deserves and don’t thrust as many expensive man-made products onto our outer dermis as possible. More is not necessarily better.

There are some common aspects to finding your very own skincare regime. Take a look at the facets of your skincare routine that you should be looking out for.

Firstly, you need to ensure that you have the right products in your bathroom cabinet or on your dressing table. There’s no point purchasing the latest anti-ageing collagen enhancing designer label adorned serum if it doesn’t suit your skin type. Venture into stores and test out the products. At the very least you should have a cleanser, an exfoliator, a moisturiser, a toner and some sun cream at your disposal. Although vanity may take hold every so often and you may want to strive for the perfect olive hued tan, don’t forego a strong SPF in your quest. You risk sunburn at the very least and skin cancer at the very worst. Prolonged exposure to the sun without any protection is dangerous and unnecessary so be smart and slap on the sunscreen.

By utilising just a few products, you can be sure that you are able to maintain a healthy glow day in, day out and you’ll be preserving the health of your skin.

Skin Type

Some ladies are blessed with naturally flawless complexions. If you’re not one of the lucky ones (and who is?), you need to consider the weaknesses of your skin. You could have naturally greasy or oily skin, or you may be afflicted by the dreaded flakiness of dryer pores. Whatever your flaws, there are products out there to help promote a more balanced and healthier complexion.

Let’s look at dry skin for a moment. There is nothing worse than forever having to re-apply moisturiser only to find that two minutes later the pores on your skin have seemingly dried up again. Normally our skin is covered with a fatty substance called lipids. For some reason, people with dry skin don’t have these leaving their skin flaky and dull looking. Often this is genetic, and there is very little you can do by way of a cure. However, there are products that can help and the most appropriate avenue to go down is the natural route. Those with dry skin have a disposition to being sensitive to harsh products so it pays to look into the moisturising benefits of mango butter that is full of Vitamin C and will aid your skin in looking plumper while decreasing the flaking. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, you may find the redness that often accompanies dry skin is decreased. Adding a more natural approach to your skincare routine means that you are bombarding your skin with legions of antioxidants and vitamins which can only be a good thing.

Anti Aging

There are a ridiculous amount of products on the market professing to be the miracle cure for ageing. This is obviously highly inaccurate. The process of ageing is natural and it’s totally up to you whether you embrace it with open arms or do everything in your power to try and slow it down. It pays to have your wits about you when you are researching the latest lotion, potion or serum.

Many dermatologists will say that it’s all about the collagen. Collagen is naturally produced by the skin, but as we age, it can lose its elasticity. By starting early and using products in your twenties and thirties that promote exceptionally strong collagen to leave your skin looking and feeling plump well into your twilight years, you’ll be saving that dreaded morning when you wake up in your sixties only to realise that the wrinkles have embedded, your skin is sagging and you’ve left it too late.

A personalised skincare routine specific to your skin type can ensure that you won’t have to worry about the ravages of age. Sure, you might get a few crows feet and a little bit of a sagging dimple, but that shows your maturity. You can’t look twenty one forever no matter what new miracle product it is that you’re trying. Stick to what you know and utilise the advice of medical professionals. An over the counter product containing retinol to stimulate collagen, your everyday cleanser and a revitalising moisturiser is really all you need.

Don’t Neglect Your Diet

Although you may have the optimum skincare routine externally and have managed to strike the right balance when it comes to cleansers, serums and toners, you shouldn’t neglect what you are putting into your body to promote good skin health. Gorging on chocolate, fatty foods and refined carbs does not make for happy skin.

Your skin loves antioxidants. These little particles contained in a range of superfoods will help boost your inner immune system. Without a strong immune system, your skin is often the first area of your body that can show signs of something more serious. If you are at risk of diabetes, your skin could signal this through extreme dryness and cracking. Try and eat every colour of the rainbow to achieve a balance of antioxidants and vitamins. Opt for sweet peppers, blueberries, papaya, pumpkin, spinach and kale. If you are a bit of a carb fiend, swap your white potato for a sweet potato and your white basmati rice for a whole grain alternative. These tweaks to your diet could see a positive response in the complexion of your skin.

Forget the fad diets and simply eat healthily. Drink plenty of water every day to hydrate your skin. Without the correct amount of fluid, your skin is at risk of looking grey, blotchy and unhealthy. Green and herbal teas are also great alternatives to water, and they are loaded with the ever helpful antioxidants.

Just as you look after your heart, hot foot it to the gym every so often for some exercise and keep an eye on your weight, your skin also needs to be taken care of. By implementing a skincare regime that you can keep up with every day, that doesn’t cost the Earth, and that shows results, you’ll be motivated to continue with the upkeep of the health of your skin. Goodbye bar soap, hello moisturiser!


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