It’s All About Self Love

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Self-love, the real thing and not the act you put on for others, only comes from loving yourself. We’re not talking Regina George leaves of narcissism, but truly liking the person you see in the mirror, inside and out.

The Rule Of 5

This rule is simple to understand but can be hard in practice. The hardest part of learning to love yourself is in loving the parts of you to hate. It’s the easiest thing in the world to love the parts you like – your eyes, your hair, your laugh – but the parts of you that you don’t like? It’s tricky.

Stand in front of the mirror each morning and say five things you like about yourself – visible and not visible. And each day, don’t repeat what you said the day before.

Dressing For You

One thing you can do to quickly to help boost your confidence is to dress for you. And this happens in two parts – the first is to dress for your body shape. Using guides like the one found here – – will help you to look your best no matter your size, height or insecurities. The second part is to wear what you want to wear. With each year the media shows us the new way to look, how to dress and do our hair and makeup – and that look works for some people, and doesn’t for others, so wear what makes you happy and comfortable in yourself.

Cosmetic Surgery

For some people, the issues they have are much deeper and harder to erase. And sometimes that means surgery. It doesn’t necessarily mean botox and lip fillers; it can mean correcting bad teeth, dealing with loose skin or any other thing that can make you feel better about yourself. You can find more information on sites like this – But surgery shouldn’t be your go-to option, try to deal with your insecurities and learn to love them before turning to this option.

Look After You

One of the easiest things you can do for your confidence is to look after yourself. Taking care of your body inside and out will help you more than you think. Starting with the outside, you can keep potential insecurities at bay by looking after your skin. A good cleansing routine will work wonders, and regular exercise will give you an amazing glow and, combined with a balanced diet, will keep any unwanted lumps and bumps at bay. On the inside, you need to look after your mental health too. Insecurities have a nasty way of creeping into our minds, causing anxiety and even depression. If you think you might be suffering from anything like that, go and see your doctor for advice, and a therapist to help.


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