Impressive Alternatives to the Tangible Photo Album


Not all too long ago, photo albums were people’s main means of showcasing their snaps. We’re all pretty familiar with the experience of visiting an elderly relative, or having visited a relative years ago, to ask how a holiday has been, only for a photo album to be pulled out. The development of modern technology, however, has almost wiped out the significance of the tangible photo album today. We can share our images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and personal blogs. The best example by far, however, is Instagram, which is essentially a digital photo album in its own right. As sharing photos is fast, simple, and free, more people share increasingly mundane and everyday images than ever. We can’t even count how many images of people’s mediocre dinners we’ve seen in the past week alone. So, how do you go about showcasing your finest pictures from significant events in modern day life? You don’t want snaps of your wedding, a special celebration, or a particularly astounding trip to be buried amongst half hearted shots of novelty socks and yesterday’s lunch now, do we? Here are a few ideas to get your started.

Digital Album Design

There’s photo album software out there that will allow you to create professional layouts of your favourite images in moments. You don’t even necessarily have to have any pre existing photo editing knowledge in order to get the job done to a high level. Drag and drop technology simplifies the process. All that’s left to do is define the dimensions of each given image and start creating!


Polaroid pictures are back in a big way. There’s something alluring about the raw, authentic images that come with the film. The traditional, wide, white border around readily printed images also adds a vintage aesthetic to whatever you decide to take a picture of. What’s more? They can be displayed in easy view for anyone to see! Whether you pop one in your wallet, or clip them to string across the front of shelves, window ledges, or walls, there’s an innovative way to display them for public view.

Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are a great alternative to the standard photo frame. Why? Well, because you can alternate what you display quickly and easily, or even set up a showreel so that the images on display change regularly throughout the day. This will give your photographs a new lease of life, instead of leaving them to go languid in cloud storage or on an external harddrive somewhere. There are various options available out there. What will suit you best depends on your budget, how large a frame you want, and what colour or design you want the frame to be.

Check out reviews of some of the best digital photo frames out there to get a better idea of what you want.

So, if you want to show off your images without them being lost in a sea of social media pictures, or pulling out a dusty old photo album, these are a few alternatives that might suit you down to a tee.

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