Wedding Styles of 2018

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Thousands of weddings happen each day around the world. A lot of them will follow the exact same routine, from start to finish. But there’s a few people out there that like to switch things up a little and go for different wedding styles when it comes to the dress sense and beauty. Depending on what you like, you’ll probably already have an image in your head of what you’d like yourself to look like on your big day. But as the months of planning go on, this can all change. Especially as you start seeing different ideas from either dress shops, or the dreaded Instagram accounts. Instagram is the worst for seeing other people’s wedding, or wedding styles and wishing your could be the same once you’ve already bought the dress and made the arrangements. But it is great for inspiring you in the beginning. Some styles are truly incredible on Instagram. So, without further ado, here’s some wedding styles you should consider if you’re tying the knot next year.


The reserved look is one that seems to be quiet popular in the wedding world. Even though there’s no real statement going on, the look seems to still have a massive impact. Sometimes the simpler things in life are the best, this goes to show with this style. So, if you want to go reserved, you’re going to have to keep things plain and simple and covered up. A lot of wedding dresses are absolutely beautiful at the minute, but do show a lot of cleavage and have see through sleeves etc. some leaving nothing to the imagination. A lovely reserved look at the minute is the silk styled wedding dress, full length sleeve with the tradition veil. Keep the dress tight fitted all the way down. It’ll still keep the dress in that lovely reserved style, but will add a bit of character to the dress. If it was a puffed out one it’d sort of be too similar to the traditional look. Jewelry wise, simple silver or gold will do. A small necklace, perhaps a bracelet and some statement earrings will really compliment this dress well. As for makeup, you want to try and achieve that simple dewy look that’s perfect for a wedding. Keep caking minimal, and apply a little bit of eyeshadow. If you’re having it done professionally, just mention you’d like it reserved and they should be able to complete a lovely look for you. A simple up do with the hair, or down and curled will be perfect, nothing too out there.


Some people just don’t do things by halves, especially their wedding day. Everything about the style and the day has to be over the top, with all eyes on the bride. So, if you’re going for the full glamourous look, there are some perfect dresses out there. Take Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress, that meshy look is so popular at the minute, and really does make your look glamourous. With this look, a little more is on show than with the reserved look. A low cut front cleavage dress has the power to turn heads, whilst not looking trashy in the slightest. That meshy look is usually accompanied by some sort of floral white pattern, that then fades down until eventually the mesh ends and the white of the dress begins. The tail of the dress will be long flowing, but the overall shape will be slim, and tailored to the body. The fishtail look is so popular at the minute, and really does look glamourous. This type of look can be found through designers such as Ronald joyce. Jewelry wise, the more diamonds the better. Big diamond earrings are a must, along with a necklace that sparkles just as much as your makeup will do. If you’re going glamourous, you’ve got to go all out contour, highlight, lashes the lot. The look is hard to achieve on your own, unless you’re a makeup pro, so you’re probably going to be best off hiring a professional. The aim you’re going for here is to catch the attention of the crowd. A full set of false eyelashes will create that beautiful mysterious look, especially if you accompany it with a smokey eye look. Eyebrows need to be tinted and waxed, and the penciled in for that full effect. Use of a good highlighter is everything here, making those cheeks sparkle is all part of the glamourous look. Then for your hair, you need to go a bit more daring, There are plenty of plait updos that look absolutely stunning, especially for a wedding day.


Traditional has long been a favourite of people all over the world, traditional to most people is the small church wedding, the big white dress with a beautiful veil to hide the face until the groom reveals it at the ulter. It is one of the easiest looks to pull off, and doesn’t require as much stress and prep as the other two looks do.  The dress is going to be your tradition big puffed out flowing one. All white is a must, and there’s usually some flowers or detailed pattern on the front. The flowing part of the dress is usually made of a thicker white mesh, so no to be see through. They really are stunning dresses that compliment any figure. The top half is usually sucked in a fair amount to add size to the cleavage. A veil is worn, either covering the face or not, traditionally it would be covering until the bridge reachers the alter. The jewelry is rather simplistic compared to other looks. Like with reserved, simple gold or silver jewelry will be fine. Again, the makeup follows a similar style to the reserved look. Nothing to in your face like the glamourous look would be. As for the hair do, a traditional updo will be perfect. People tend to have it plaited into a bun at the back of their hair. It looks so simplistic yet really pretty. The main attraction of this look is the dress, nothing can draw too much attention away from it.


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