Take Time For Yourself this Christmas


When it comes to Christmas, you make time for everything possible – the work Christmas party, family events, your local Christmas lights turn on, buying presents and writing cards for everyone you know, putting up decorations – everything apart from yourself. It can be really easy to rush through December without even taking the time to enjoy it fully, have some downtime, and really relax in that happy, festive-induced haze.

Appoint Time For Pampering

This time of year can be tough on a woman for all sorts of reasons. The stress of getting through the packed high street when shopping, the need to grow several more arms in order to get the whole Christmas dinner ready,  and the pressure to look fabulous at every single festive event. Giving yourself time for a pamper will not only help you to feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a long, hard-working year – but also be a big confidence boost. Pop on a Christmas film, make yourself a hazelnut hot chocolate with marshmallows and get the lotions and potions out. Do a festive pedicure and manicure, a face mask to get your skin ready for the festive glam looks, a hair mask ready for those curls, and a hot relaxing bath to ease the sore shoulders that come from wrapping presents for countless hours.

A Few Hours For You On Christmas Day

Christmas day can fly by so quickly it can make you wonder what the build-up was all about. With all you have to think about when you get woken on Christmas morning  – not by sleigh bells – but a blaring alarm you’ve grown to hate the sound of, it can be easy to forget about yourself. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to open all the presents, and make sure the house is spotless before the rest of your family arrive – with all the festive cheer no one is going to notice or mind! Instead, browse through all of your short cocktail dresses taking the time to pick the perfect one, and allow yourself the time to do your makeup, and hair, just the way you want it. Contour, bake, and sport that bright red lip! Let yourself receive the compliments this Christmas, rather than your festive centrepiece.

Avoid The Boxing Day Rush

Boxing Day sales seem to be all the rage but maybe think twice before forcing yourself out of bed to join the queuing crowds. Everyone loves a good bargain, but it can be easy to get carried away in the spontaneous splurges rather than making purchases you’re actually going to love. You may be saving money on the items you buy, but not buying anything will save you even more. Take the time instead to recuperate and relax with a duvet day enjoying all your new gifts, and some family time. You’ll thank yourself for it when the “back to work” grind doesn’t hit you as hard.

You’ve worked hard all year, and have probably spent most of it thinking about other people in your life and putting them first. Be a little bit selfish this season and take some time out for you. You’re a wonder woman, so treat yourself like one!

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