Matching Makeup for the Occassion

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The perfect look is not just about the attire, while a focus on what you wear is important, it’s matching it with the correct cosmetics for the correct occasion, even if the lengths you need to go to are up to debate. Makeup is a very versatile tool in any woman’s dresser, and it’s up to you to take full advantage of its potential.

Throughout the year, you might find yourself with a whole host of different events and functions that will give you the opportunity to show off all sorts of varying makeup combinations to awe, attract, and absorb those around you. But sometimes it can be hard to pick the most suitable combination for the most suitable outfit. For appearances that range from formal to everyday – with everything in between – here are some tips to make the most out of your makeup matching.


Formal attire is usually only required a couple of times a year. A wedding here, a charity gala there, and these events all come with the opportunity to wow and impress at some of the more high profile events every year.

Memories of your first formal event probably contain searching for prom dresses that match your teenage self’s favourite lipstick. Being older, and wiser, you have finished experimenting with different looks and have probably found your style. Formal occasions give you the chance to show off your most elegant gowns and dresses, so make the most of it by combining it with the right lipstick to deliver a knockout glam slam.


It can be difficult find some new clothing combinations every week to ensure you keep your wardrobe looking fresh, the same can be said of makeup. Of course, the style of makeup – and whether you want it complementing with lipstick, all depends on the needs of the day.

If you’re heading into the office, then something sharp but subtle can do the trick; something that stands out but still looks like you take pride in your appearance and consider yourself a serious professional. If you’re just running errands, there’s no need to glam up too much, something modest can still go a long way to boosting your self-esteem.


Dependant on where you plan on heading out for the night, your painting-the-town-red ensemble can range from anything to a casual jeans and jacket and (simulated) bedhead, to a pencil skirt, high heels, and hair laboriously straightened for an hour before leaving the house.

Some might think that the confines of a dark club or bar make the whole dolling-up process a little bit redundant. But I think you can probably agree that when it comes to putting your face on for the night is more of a confidence thing that it is anything else. A chance to get noticed, get bold, and show off who you are.


Your lipstick choices can add that extra bit of spark to any outfit for any occasion. What’s important is to focus on one area that you want to get attention, be this your eyes, lips, or even hair, by alternating between different features, you have endless possibilities when it comes to finding the right look for you.

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