Struggling for Ideas? 6 Gifts Your Man is Sure to Love

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Christmas is almost here, as you can tell by our wonderful article detailing the practicality of self-appointed time in the leadup to festivities. This time can be a manic one – finding gifts, purchasing the turkey or goose, making use of the pre-Christmas sales. All of these can lead to some serious exhaustion before you even have the benefit of attending a real Christmas shindig.

This time can leave you exhausted both mentally and physically, so let us do some of the work for you. If you’re struggling for Christmas gift ideas, we have six of the best boyfriend/husband-suitable presents you can buy them listed in one handy article. These recommendations are tailored for your best taste, and should hopefully go a long way in expressing your love for them.

Gym Gear

When the new year rolls around, many resolutions are made. From quitting smoking to reducing alcohol intake to getting in shape, they can be difficult to make progress on if you do not enter the entire process on the right footing. In order to treat your husband or boyfriend well, help them get a leg up on their fitness goals by making an investment for them. This also has the added benefit of slyly suggesting they get in shape (hey, sometimes wisdom is a part of Christmas gifts too!)

We’d recommend purchasing great gym-friendly clothing from Monsta Clothing Co, or activewear from your local retailer. If you can, purchasing a great manual on gym form such as Starting Strength, a practical guide to compound lifting – or ‘couch to 5k’ apps can help them get started. For a really nice investment, purchasing them a heart tracker such as a Fitbit or some other such consideration can help them monitor their health.

If you’re hoping for something low key, purchasing a range of supplements can help them get on top of their dietary health, perfect if they’re notorious for eating bad foods. To best encourage them to make the most of these gifts, exercising and starting a new health program with them will give them the motivation they need, and develop a journey together which will help you both connect. After all, couples who workout together stay together.


Every guy likes feeling attractive, so purchasing them new grooming implements can help them feel and look their best. A new beard trimmer from a premium brand, a set amount of haircuts from that beautiful new barbers offering straight razor shaves and steaming, and maybe some premium cologne can help them feel as attractive as you believe them to be.

Sometimes, of course, the man knows what he likes, so purchasing him a decent gift card for the grooming store he most enjoys can serve as a great main or supplementary gift, one that’s sure to be undeniably useful.

VR Headsets

A VR headset is one of the most coveted items from the gaming world right now, because a wealth of experiences are now on offer. They’re seemingly hoping to get better and better too, with new games such as Fallout and Skyrim now being seemingly offered in VR mode.

This gift can help you get five minutes of peace, or maybe not as your husband screams down the simulated roller coaster ride he’s experiencing. The best VR headsets on offer currently are the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive (with a sequel product to be announced soon.)

If your husband or boyfriend is a gamer, and has a solid video card to experience it, a VR headset could be just the ticket for them this Christmas. Just be sure they take select breaks and actually remember to spend time in real reality, with you, celebrating the festive season.

A Vacation

Heading on vacation to somewhere you both love can be a great way to help your husband experience something new, and you alongside him. Just be sure it’s somewhere he wants to go, even if it’s not to your full taste. For example, heading on a skiing or hiking vacation, even if you hate physical activity, could be the best way to express your love, and your willingness to suspend your tastes, so they have a great time. Plus, who knows? You might just have a wonderful time.

For the travelling man, you might be able to gift them some really novel items. A leatherbound ‘field notes’ notepad could help them jot their thoughts down during their long business commutes or travels abroad. A leather carry case with supreme quality could be used for years, and remind him of you every time he packs or unpacks before and after a journey.

Tailored Suits

Every man has a dream of being an international man of mystery, a dapper and suave hero who looks sharp at all times and drives amazing supercars. The James Bond fantasy is alive and real in most men. While you might not afford an Aston Martin or have a secretive world-saving mission to embark on, you can certainly help them look the part.

A tailored suit is something of real importance because it becomes a staple item in their wardrobe. This gift will be practical for years, and better yet will help the man on your arm look truly wonderful during your public outings.


If your man’s professional career is important to him, equipping him with designer stationery, maybe even personalized, can help them feel important and sharp during their daily responsibilities. Investing in their office life this way will give them pride in their work, and it will remind him of you during their daily responsibilities. These luxury items often add a certain something undefinable to the office atmosphere he occupies, and he’s sure to really appreciate it.

With these tips, you are sure to experience a wonderful Christmas, bestowing gifts upon your beloved they’re certain to cherish. Fingers crossed you are treated similarly. We wish you the best for the Christmas season and a happy new year!


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