Subtle Nail Art Designs You Can Wear Anytime

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 5.23.10 PM.png

Nail art is such an awesome trend! I mean what is better than painting tiny design your nails to get them to look gorgeous? The only problem is that it can be a little much for some us. After all, not everyone wants nail jewelry and in your face designs all of the time. That is where the more subtle nail art patterns come in, and there are some really beautiful ones too. Ones that you can wear anywhere you like including the office. Read on to find out more.


This has got to be the most simple design ever. All you need to do is have a naked nail, that is naked as in no varnish at all, not nude colored varnish. Then you take one of the ball nail art tools that you can pick up pretty cheaply, and dot one single circle of color onto your nail. Repeat this on each one but in different places and cover with a clear top coat. This takes only minutes but is so much more interesting than just a monotone nail art look.

Golden cuticles

Another low key nail art look that you can rock anywhere from the office to the club is the golden cuticle. OK, it’s not actually the cuticle that you paint but the very bottom of your nail, the part that is adjacent to your cuticle.

The idea is that you pick a neutral color for the entire nail and once that has dried you got back over the bottom part with a line of gold. It actually produces a really pretty effect that is both luxe and not too in your face at the same time. Something that means if you are looking for subtle nail art ideas you do a lots worse that go with this one.

A touch of frost

Perfect for cold winter days, the touch of frost design makes a feature of one particular nail, adding a half snowflake pattern, and giving it a chilly edge.

If used in conjunction with a fairly transparent nude shade this is an extremely subtle way of using nail art. It can also look equally good on short natural nails to false stilettos. The latter being a style you can view sites like Ms Mee’s website to find out more about. Although, I have to warn you I had a tough experience when I tried them before.

Hint of glitter

Last of all, while you may not think of glitter nail art as subtle, it really can be. In fact, it’s all in the execution. For example, some deep burgundy nails with just a hint of graduated glitter at the tips can look sexy and sophisticated without too much.

To help you achieve this effect, ditch nail polishes with glitter in them and go for the stuff in pots that you apply separately under the top coat with a brush. Then you will have a greater amount of control and be able to get a more subtle effect. One that you can wear anywhere, you like.


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