Holiday Gifting with Fresh and Burt’s Bees


Are you still shopping for those last minute gift ideas or those add on stocking stuffers? Fret not my dear friends, for Fresh Beauty and Burt’s Bees have come to the rescue. So many amazing beauty brands have really stepped up their game this holiday season with creative and clever gift sets for your one-stop-shop ideal gifts. I tried some out over the past few weeks leading up to the gifting season so that I can make a few suggestions for your holiday stress-relief.

Sephora and Shopper’s Drug Mart always do well with the holiday gifting. This season Sephora and Fresh Beauty have created some wonderful gift packs that include everything you might want, from beauty-junkie all the way to newbie. For those perfect last minute add-ons I picked up the Fresh Pretty in Pink Lip Gift which I then separated into three to add to my friends gifts. That’s $30 for the pack and separated to $10 per add-on gift that way. If you’ve never used the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment’s before then I’ll have you know they are life savers. This time of year my lips can’t handle the dryness of lipsticks so this is the perfect alternative of a conditioning lip treatment with various tinted shades for all skin tones and preferences. 

Moving up to a slightly larger gift pack was the $26 Fresh Skincare Cult Classics set which includes the Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy (a further lifesaver in the cold months), as well as the cult classic and one of my personal favourites the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. This was included in Sephora’s Birthday Gift last year so many people have given it a go. It’s my go to for travel sized cleansers so it reminds me of vacations and holidays! It’s such a gentle cleanser and is perfect for all skin types. This would be an amazing gift for anyone on your list.

And last and most luxurious from Fresh is their $57 Holiday Glow Skincare Set, which even comes with two coloured pencils so that lucky someone can have some fun colouring in the adorable packaging. This package includes the Soy Face Cleanser, the Sugar Face Polish and the Fresh Face Instant Glow Luminizer. True as it’s word for the perfect holiday glow!

And lastly, my personal fave that I pick up every year from Shoppers Drug Mart is the Burt’s Bees Classic Beeswax Bounty because I truly believe that no one can ever have enough Burt’s Bees classic beeswax lip balms in their life. I can provide that necessity! Each and every gift set is an amazing price based on the value of whats in the box. Fresh is such a luxurious and pampering gift to give and have really hit it out of the park with their gift sets this holiday season. Give them a try, give the gift of Fresh. And let me know what you think!

Whats your favourite Fresh product?




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