Planning an Educational Vacation that Rocks

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It may be the case that Christmas is upon us, but it’s also the time to start thinking about your next vacation – and why wouldn’t you? With the temperatures dropping at a rapid rate, thinking about sunshine and fun days away is what gets most people through the day. If you can make your vacation choices right for all the family, then you can succeed in having the right balance of fun and educational all in one fell swoop.

The summer vacation you book has to be relaxing and with a little inventiveness, you can make some choices about your vacation to make sure the kids in the family are relaxing and learning all at the same time. So, what can you do on vacation that everyone will enjoy?

Glass Making In New York

If you’re a fan of New York, you need to look at the Finger Lakes region. Corning is a city north of the border between New York and Pennsylvania and has the Corning Museum of Glass for all to visit. You can learn about the history of glass, and the museum itself offers the awesome chance to be hands-on and make glass. You can make wind chimes, ornaments and sculptures, all while learning a little history and culture along the way.

Geology Tours In Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone is one place that has the biggest area of geysers and hot springs to visit in the world. A little education on the geology of Yellowstone National Park is more than just a day experiencing the rush of the geysers, it’s learning the history of the park and experiencing the Mammoth Hot Springs. Tours are on offer including a great lunch, talks and transportation. Fun for all the family while seeing some of the most beautiful sites in the world.

A Night At The Museum In Washington D.C

If you love museums, you will love what the Smithsonian Associates have on offer. Children and their attention like to wander off during walks around a museum, but the novelty can wear off pretty quickly. Don’t worry though, packing pyjamas and having a night tour of the museum with guides who talk about biology, history and of course, dinosaurs, is about as fun as it gets. Enjoying a movie at the IMAX and doing arts and crafts before going to sleep leaves them feeling informed and well-rested.

Space Camp In Huntsville, Alabama

Look to the stars with a lesson in aeronautical training and astronomy at the US Space & Rocket Center. A few days of building your own rocket, monitoring pretend shuttle launches and getting a hands-on experience of cruising through space without gravity can be amazing fun for the whole family.

Education comes in many forms but if you can pack the kids and the luggage into the car and take a trip to some of the most engaging, fun and educational areas of the USA, you can rock your next vacation with ease.


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